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Unveiling the French Side of the Basque Country

Escape the ordinary and hop over to the French Side of the Basque Country. This vibrant region offers an unequaled blend of unforgettable experiences, rich history, and stunning landscapes. Immerse yourself in a land steeped in tradition. Explore charming villages adorned with distinctive architecture, dating back to pre-Roman times. Witness the enduring spirit of the Basque people, evident in their rare language (Euskara) and vibrant culture. Embark on a culinary adventure unlike any other. From the fresh seafood of the Atlantic coast to the delicious wines from the interior, the French Basque Country offers a feast for the senses.

French Side Travel invites you to discover this captivating region.

Welcome to the Basque Country

Map of the Basque Country Courtesy of the Basque Cultural Institute

Beyond the familiar shores of Spain lies a hidden gem: the French Basque Country. Often overshadowed by its larger southern neighbor, this captivating region offers a unique blend of unforgettable experiences, rich history, and vibrant culture.

Straddling the border between France and Spain, Euskal Herria, the heart-shaped land of the Basque people, is a tapestry of lush landscapes, dramatic coastlines, and picturesque villages. While the Spanish Basque Country may be renowned for its vibrant festivals and Michelin-starred restaurants, the French Basque Country, known as Iparralde (“the north country” in Euskara), boasts its distinct charm.

Immerse yourself in a land steeped in history. Dating back to pre-Roman times, the Basque Country boasts a striking cultural identity and a strong sense of community. Explore historic towns adorned with distinctive architectural styles, and witness the enduring spirit of the Basque people, evident in their traditions and warm hospitality.

French Side Travel invites you to discover the untamed beauty of the French Basque Country. With our curated experiences and expert guidance, we’ll help you create unforgettable memories in this captivating region. Beyond the shops and souvenirs, discover the true essence of Iparralde.

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Cities in the Basque Country

Biarritz (Miarritze)

Biarritz boasts a captivating blend of historical appeal and vibrant energy. In the mid-19th century, Empress Eugénie’s presence transformed this Basque town into a fashionable seaside resort for European royalty. Today, Biarritz continues to captivate visitors with its sophisticated elegance, oceanside wellness, and thriving surf scene.

Beyond its glamorous facade lies a rich past. Biarritz’s slate-roofed villas whisper tales of its whaling heritage, dating back to the 17th century. The town’s southern coast, Côte des Basques, holds an even more memorable distinction: the cradle of French surfing. In the 1950s, American influence ignited a passion for riding the waves, forever changing Biarritz’s cultural landscape.

Biarritz’s allure extends beyond its shores. The Atlantic coastline boasts exceptional surfing conditions, making it a European surfing haven. Whether you’re seeking a luxurious escape or an adrenaline-pumping adventure, Biarritz offers an unforgettable experience for every traveler.

Bayonne (Baiona)

Courtesy of Guide du Pays Basque

Step into a world of tantalizing flavors in Bayonne, the heart of authentic Basque cuisine. Wander idyllic alleys lined with shops and bakeries overflowing with regional specialties. Savor mouthwatering dishes like axoa, a savory veal or duck ragout infused with Espelette peppers, and chipirons à l’encre, tender squid cooked in their rich ink. Uncover Bayonne’s legacy as France’s chocolate capital, where centuries-old traditions meet exquisite craftsmanship. Treat yourself to a hand-whisked chocolat mousseux at the iconic Cazenave tearoom, and delight in exceptional Basque treats like biskotx, a black cherry jam-filled cake, and the city’s renowned cured ham.

Saint-Jean-de-Luz (Donibane Lohizune)

Courtesy of En Pays Basque

Between Biarritz and Hendaye along the Côte des Basques lies the tranquil coastal town of Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Immerse yourself in its rich maritime history, evident in the enchanting harbor and fortified walls. Explore pedestrian streets lined with elegant boutiques, savor exquisite Basque cuisine, and relax on the sun-drenched beaches.

Hendaye (Hendaia)

Courtesy of En Pays Basque

Bask in the natural beauty of France’s most southwesterly town. Its landscape paints a captivating picture of the Basque Country’s past, before the arrival of summer homes and surf shacks. Walk the Basque Corniche, a path winding over breathtaking sea cliffs, and see the region as it existed centuries ago. Basseri, adorned with sloping rooftops and oxblood-red timbers, dot the prairies. These traditional farmhouses stand as testaments to the enduring Basque culture, preserving its legacy amidst adversity.

Sunset Sail along the Basque Coast

Escape the ordinary and embark on a magical sunset sail along the Basque Coast, departing from Hendaye. Leave the landmarks behind and lose yourself in a breathtaking display of ever-changing colors, both in the sky and reflected on the shimmering sea. This unforgettable experience offers a moment of pure relaxation as you share the beauty of the setting sun with family and friends. Guided by a state-qualified instructor, you can simply sit back, soak in the breathtaking scenery, and create lasting memories under the Basque sky. This elevated escape from the every day is the perfect way to end your day, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Things to Do in the Basque Country

Explore the Basque Coast

Courtesy of Bidart Tourisme

Unwind on a captivating coastal journey through the French Basque Country, a colorful tapestry of seafront villas, surf lodges, and rustic Basque farmhouses. Witness the birthplace of French surfing on Biarritz’s Côte des Basques and delve into Bidart (Bidarte), a quintessential Basque village. Experience the magic of the Sentier du Littoral, a 15-mile coastal trail offering breathtaking panoramas. Beginning in Bidart, the path weaves through the fishing villages of Guéthary, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, and Ciboure, culminating in a spectacular corniche and ending in enchanting Hendaye by the Franco-Spanish border. Immerse yourself in the landscape’s beauty and discover the hidden cultural secrets of this captivating region. This journey promises breathtaking views, rich history, and the captivating spirit of the Basque Country.

Surfing Initiation Class

Courtesy of Caroline Hernandez

Unleash your inner surfer in Hendaye, the French Basque Country’s year-round surfing haven. Ideal for beginners, Hendaye’s sheltered location offers calm summer waves perfect for learning, while its winter swells provide a challenge when other spots get rough. Experience consistent surf and discover the ideal learning environment, no matter the season.

Visit the Villages of the Basque Interior

Courtesy of Biarritz Pays Basque

Immerse yourself in the picturesque villages of Ainhoa and Espelette, where Basque heritage shines bright. Ainhoa, listed amongst France’s most beautiful villages, invites you to explore its traditional architecture, vibrant culture, and historical significance as a stopover for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago. Delve into the rich social fabric of the Basque people with your local guide.

Continue to Espelette (Ezpeleta), a quaint village where Basque houses are decorated with the iconic red peppers. Traditionally, the piments d’Espelette dangle on strings to dry, practically forming curtains, and frame windows and doorways. Discover the inimitable production process that gives these peppers their distinct flavor, a staple in Basque cuisine worldwide.

Your Basque adventure doesn’t end there! Explore further and uncover hidden gems nestled within this captivating landscape. Each village offers a unique tapestry of cultural experiences, breathtaking views, and culinary delights waiting to be unveiled.

Try Sagardoa (Basque Apple Cider) & Txakoli (Basque White Wine)

This traditional cider is made from fermented apples. It is a dry, slightly sparkling cider that is typically served in large glasses. Traditional production involves storing the cider in large oak barrels called kupela. These barrels impart subtle woody and earthy flavors to the cider. Txakoli is an AOC wine produced in the Basque Country, along the Atlantic coast. It is a dry, white wine that is made from the Ondarrabi Zuri grape variety. Learn more about AOC wine here.

Courtesy of Visit French Wines

Private Guided Tour of Basque Vineyards

Discover the rich flavors and history of the French Basque Country on this captivating tour. In the village of Espelette, taste its renowned peppers, and delve into the secrets of Basque cider making. Visit the picturesque town of Saint Jean Pied de Port, a pilgrimage landmark, and immerse yourself in the vineyards of Irouléguy, known for its distinct wines. Uncover the fascinating history of Navarre and learn about the region’s traditions on this unforgettable journey for history buffs and food lovers alike.

Tasting of Underwater-Aged Wine

Dive into an uncommon wine experience in the French Basque Country. Discover a historic winery overlooking Socoa Beach, where exceptional wines are matured and bottled. Explore the innovative process of underwater aging, where the ocean’s natural elements like swell and tides infuse the wines with distinctive aromas. Embark on this luxurious French adventure and taste the extraordinary results of this patented technique.

Where to Stay in the Basque Country

Hôtel du Palais

Courtesy of Hotel du Palais

Step back in time at the Hôtel du Palais, a historic gem overlooking the Atlantic. Built for Empress Eugénie, this luxurious hotel has hosted royalty, including King Edward VII, who famously visited annually, and celebrities like Coco Chanel, who opened a boutique in Biarritz during the First World War. Experience impeccable interiors reminiscent of the Napoleon III era and breathtaking ocean views. French Side Travel invites you to discover this iconic landmark.

Brindos, Lac & Château

©Mathilde Ranchon

Nestled on the shores of a legendary lake, Brindos, Lac & Château offers an unforgettable escape in the Basque Country. Luxuriate in nature with lake-view rooms or distinct floating lodges named after local fairytales. Embrace Basque culture through the hotel’s elegant décor and peaceful setting. Step into a haven of timeless elegance at Brindos Lac & Château

Les Hortensias du Lac

Courtesy of Les Hortensias du Lac

Just north of the Basque Country, in the stunning Landes region, lies Les Hortensias du Lac. This luxurious surf lodge hotel offers a laid-back atmosphere reminiscent of the Hamptons, with most rooms boasting stunning lake views. Indulge in fresh seafood and plancha cuisine at the panoramic restaurant, or unwind at the spa designed to echo the surrounding landscape. For a beachfront escape, head to La Cabane des Estagnots just minutes away. French Side Travel invites you to experience Les Hortensias du Lac, just a 30-minute drive from Bayonne along the breathtaking Landes coastline.

Ready to discover the untamed beauty of the French Basque Country? Let our travel experts craft a tailor-made itinerary that perfectly captures your interests and desires. Contact French Side Travel today and embark on an unforgettable adventure!

French Side Travel’s Picks: Seven New Hotels in France for 2024

Explore enchanting destinations with French Side Travel, your gateway to a luxury experience. As seasoned experts, we reveal seven new hotels in France, each with its unique allure. From the heart of Paris, the royal realm of Versailles, and down to the sun-kissed shores of the French Riviera, we provide insider insights for an extraordinary stay.

Let French Side Travel guide you to these hidden treasures, ensuring your journey in France is nothing short of exceptional.

New Hotels in Paris

1, Place Vendôme

1, Place Vendôme emerges as a radiant gem in Paris, featuring five rooms and ten suites, each a unique setting that weaves a tapestry of influences and stories. The hotel invites guests into an exquisite journey through art, knowledge, gastronomy, nature, and care. Behind its blue carriage door, a wrought-iron gate with the Chopard initial leads to a familial haven redesigned by architect Pierre-Yves Rochon. The rooms and suites, named after precious stones, showcase a blend of materials and colors. From a cigar lounge with Eastern influences to an exotic winter garden adorned with mosaics, every space radiates magic. The hotel’s elegance, deeply rooted in Parisian charm, extends from meticulously crafted interiors to the refined entrance reworked in 18th-century style. The overall enchantment of this Parisian escape is undeniable, creating a captivating experience for every guest.

Paris Hotel Room Place Vendôme
Courtesy of 1, Place Vendôme

Craftsmanship Atelier in a Haute Couture House

Participate in a discovery workshop, for an introduction to craftsmanship in the luxury fashion world. Perpetuating the noble gestures of haute couture and luxury ready-to-wear, we invite you to the private atelier that collaborates regularly with the greatest names in the fashion world, from Chanel and Christian Lacroix to Yves Saint Laurent and Maison Margiela.

Hôtel Hana

In the heart of Paris’s 2e Arrondissement, Hôtel Hana merges Haussmannian architecture with Japanese inspiration. Majestic neighbors like the Opéra Garnier and the Bourse surround the hotel, creating a sanctuary for travelers. The talented architect Laura Gonzalez has curated 26 rooms and suites, transforming them into tranquil retreats that offer the supreme luxury of calm amid the energy of Parisian life. From Japanese cuisine at Hanabi, a culinary spectacle by Shirley Garrier, to Japanese-inspired treatments in the spa, Hôtel Hana invites guests to indulge in a space where silence and calm reign, honoring the significant role of self-care deeply rooted in Japanese traditions. Hôtel Hana ensures an unforgettable and sensory-rich experience for every traveler.

Paris Hotel Hana Cocktail Bar Hanabi
Courtesy of Hôtel Hana

Backstage Access at Opéra Garnier

Learn about the fabulous history of this institution linked to music and dance since the 17th century. During this exclusive tour, you will discover not only the backstage areas and the historical “Central costumes” room, storing the creations of the latest productions, but you will also learn the costume-making secrets from the Company’s productions.

Hôtel Balzac

Experience timeless elegance at the newly reimagined Hôtel Balzac, set to open its doors in June 2024. Located on the iconic Champs Elysées, this legendary establishment, redesigned by the Festen duo, seamlessly blends minimalist aesthetics with the tradition of French hospitality. With 58 rooms and suites, some offering breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower, every space exudes creative modernity and prioritizes absolute comfort. The Japanese-inspired spa promises a holistic retreat, while the lounge and bar provide intimate settings for relaxation. Nestled in the heart of the vibrant Champs-Élysées, Hôtel Balzac offers a unique retreat where you can recharge and immerse yourself in the charm of chic Parisian living.

Paris Hotel Balzac Room Picture
© Yann Deret

Paris Illuminations Tour

Experience the enchantment of the City of Light in a private driving tour. As night falls, step into a classic car, departing from your accommodation. Witness the transformation of Paris into a mesmerizing spectacle, with shimmering lights adorning iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum, Madeleine Church, Place de la Concorde, and the historic Place de la Bastille. Conclude this magical journey on the illustrious Champs-Élysées, where the beauty of Paris radiates under the night sky.

New Hotel in Versailles

Hôtel Les Lumières

Opening its doors in June, Hôtel Les Lumières promises a radiant stay in the heart of the Royal City. This 5-star boutique hotel, dating back to the 17th century, beckons with the illustrious Palace of Versailles at its doorstep. The hotel offers an intimate interlude, blending the inspiration of the Grand Siècle with a contemporary atmosphere across its 31 elegantly decorated rooms and suites. Ascend the grand staircase from 1907, nestle in the period library, or indulge in a unique sensory pause at the spa. A highlight is Pierre Hermé‘s Café, where a tearoom with a 6-meter-high ceiling and views of the Place d’Armes invites you to explore an exceptional menu. Indeed, Les Lumières is more than a hotel; it’s an invitation to awakening, where every moment promises eternal memories in a place that marries the lights of yesterday and today.

Versailles Hotel
Courtesy of Hôtel Les Lumières

Private Guided Tour of The King’s Garden at Versailles with The Garden’s Manager

The King’s Garden was built between 1678 and 1683 by Jean-Baptiste La Quintinie, at the request of Louis XIV. Also, it is the historic site of the École Nationale Supérieure de Paysage. Classified as a historical monument and a remarkable garden, its gardeners perpetuate the art of pruning and cultivating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in a French-style garden.

New Hotels on the French Riviera

Maison Albar – Le Victoria

Maison Albar Hotels introduces Le Victoria, an upcoming jewel in Nice’s crown, overlooking the azure expanse of the Mediterranean Sea. Positioned between the iconic Promenade des Anglais and Place Masséna, this elegant retreat merges French design with the relaxed charm of the South. Boasting 102 rooms and 30 suites, the hotel offers sweeping views of the Baie des Anges and the countryside. Le Victoria features a 600m² spa, and a rooftop with a restaurant, bar, and infinity pool. With high-end boutiques at its doorstep, the hotel’s refined aesthetic and culinary excellence redefine the essence of a Côte d’Azur stay.

Courtesy of Maison Albar Hotels

Private Tour of Nice

Set out on a captivating full-day private tour of Nice with your licensed guide and driver. From the panoramic views of Mont Boron Hill to the vibrant streets of the old town, immerse yourself in the blend of Italian and French charm. Stroll along the iconic Promenade des Anglais, wander through narrow winding streets, and savor local street food. Discover the architectural gem of the Russian Orthodox Church and culminate your day with a wine-tasting experience in the heights of Nice, surrounded by the vineyards of Bellet.

vineyard in nice france
Courtesy of Château de Bellet

Hôtel du Couvent

Nestled within the heart of Nice’s Old Town, the soon-to-be-unveiled Hotel du Couvent, slated for a June opening, is a sanctuary blending 17th-century tranquility with 21st-century luxury. Boasting 88 meticulously restored rooms, the hotel embraces ancient architecture, lush gardens, and a Roman-inspired thermal spa. Valéry Grégo, the visionary behind Les Roches Rouges and Le Pigalle, orchestrates this ultra-luxurious haven. Guests can anticipate farm-to-table dining, herbalist treatments, and access to the hotel’s farmers market. Beyond its historical significance, the hotel offers an idyllic retreat where visitors can immerse themselves in the captivating charm of Nice’s old-world allure.

hotel room in nice france
Courtesy of Hôtel du Couvent

Tour of the Balcony Villages of Tourette-sur-Loup & Saint Paul de Vence

Head to the picturesque inland areas of Nice, where the majestic peaks of the Alps unfold. Your first stop is the medieval village of Tourette-sur-Loup, nestled atop a rocky hill. Revel in the village’s medieval charm and savor a panoramic view of the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. Continuing your adventure, explore Saint Paul de Vence, once a haven for artists like Matisse and Picasso. Immerse yourself in its medieval streets, walls, and the captivating views that have inspired artistic legends throughout history. Today, art galleries and decor shops still echo the town’s rich creative heritage.

Château de Théoule

Discover the enchanting Château de Théoule, a historic haven turned into a seaside jewel, opening its doors in March. Originally a soap factory built in 1630, the château now invites you to relive the Côte d’Azur’s golden age. Nestled in Théoule-sur-Mer, each room and suite offers unparalleled views of the Mediterranean in an Art Deco ambiance. Indulge in refined Italian cuisine at the panoramic sea-view restaurant and enjoy the magic of Plage Blanche, a hidden gem for sunset swims. With a spa facing the sea, Château de Théoule promises an exquisite escape on the French Riviera.

private beach club in théoule sur mer france
Courtesy of Château de Théoule

Hiking in the Estérel Massif

Embark on an extraordinary journey in the Estérel Massif, where the rugged red rocks meet the azure Mediterranean waters. This mountain range, stretching along the Var department’s coast in Provence, captivates with its distinct geological formations. However, despite its modest elevation, the Massif de l’Estérel promises an enchanting hiking experience. The inland trails lead to panoramic viewpoints, revealing breathtaking coastal vistas. As you explore, encounter the remnants of a once-forested landscape, now transformed into a striking panorama of hills and cliffs. Alternatively, traverse the scenic coastal road, offering glimpses of coves embraced by red rocks and jagged boulders plunging into the sea. Immerse yourself in nature’s artistry and discover the extraordinary beauty of Estérel’s vibrant landscapes.

Elevate your travel experience with French Side Travel. Contact our experts to craft a tailor-made itinerary featuring these exclusive new hotels in France. Let French Side Travel curate an unforgettable adventure tailored just for you. Check out: The Best of Paris in a Week & A Perfect Week on the French Riviera

Best Hotels in Bordeaux

Bordeaux’s wine labels only tell part of the story. This region of France does indeed boast rich vineyards and terroir, but there’s even more to taste in Nouvelle Aquitaine beyond the table. Located in western France and not far from the Atlantic Ocean, Bordeaux is a vibrant city with charming architecture and fascinating history. During your trip to Bordeaux, we’ll organize exquisite wine tours and tastings, and we’ll invite you to explore the depths of this part of France. We’re rounding up some of the best hotels in Bordeaux so that your trip is a dream from the first bite to the last sip.

Best Hotels in Bordeaux

How to Get to Bordeaux

The city of Bordeaux is directly accessible through its Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport, where one of our drivers can pick you up. You can also arrive by high-speed train at the Bordeaux Saint Jean train station from Paris in a little over two hours.

Hotel des Quinconces

This five-star hotel promises both prestige and intimacy. Having served as the consulates of England and the United States, the hotel boasts an intricate history. You might even discover one of its secret hatches! With only nine rooms, each has its own flavor and name, such as Laurel or Kinmokusei. We’re certain that you’ll feel cozy in the Jatoba room’s king-sized bed surrounded by chimneys; you’ll be tempted by its luxurious bathtub, too. Decades ago, this very room served as the reception room for the Consulate to the United States during the Cold War.

Enjoy the hotel’s quaint gardens and order a drink at its Xanadu lounge. A patron of the arts, the hotel also showcases local artists’ exhibitions and invites guests to admire. Hotel des Quinconces is the perfect spot for a cozy, romantic getaway as you explore the region of Bordeaux.

Hotel de Pavie

A bit outside of Bordeaux, Hotel de Pavie is worth the trek. This five-star hotel is located in Saint-Emilion and best be on every wine aficionado’s bucket list. Hotel de Pavie has worn many hats over the years: convent, dance hall and hotel restaurant. No matter your style, this hotel has a variety of rooms and suites located in their Bell Tower, Village and Suite houses.

Enjoy a meal at Chef Yannick Alléno’s La Table de Pavie. This Michelin-awarded chef will tempt you with his caviar paired with a smoky eel sauce or roasted pigeon paired with a walnut purée. But the likelihood is that you came to Bordeaux for the wine. This hotel restaurant’s sommelier is here to help you; you can opt for a food and wine pairing with a variety of different wines.

Private wine workshop on Bordeaux Grand Crus

Every glass of wine has a story. From the type of grape to climate, the winemaking process is incredibly intricate. Perhaps you’d like to understand more about what goes into making world-renowned wines. We can organize a private workshop with an oenological specialist who can explain the techniques behind appellations such as Saint Emilion and Pomerol. And don’t worry: you’ll get to sip on several Grand Crus, too!

InterContinental Bordeaux

If you’re in search of a regal experience while in Bordeaux, look no further than a stay at the InterContinental. Their 130 rooms and suites could’ve jumped right out of a movie scene; its Opera views, crown moldings and thoughtful decoration are sure to delight. For true wine lovers, we must recommend booking a stay in the Wine Bar Suite. Yes, you read that right: a room with its own private wine bar with Grands Crus by the glass service. 

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant also has taken residence in the InterContinental. Book a romantic, chic dinner for two at Le Pressoir d’Argent Gordon Ramsay, where you can feast on a Michelin-decorated menu. You might want to start studying the menu as there are over 500 wines to choose from.

Private Full-Day Boat Tour in Arcachon Bay + Oyster Tasting

Only an hour’s drive away from Bordeaux, the town of Arcachon offers an entirely different landscape. Arcachon is home to Europe’s largest sand dune. From this town, we’ll pick you up for a boat tour on your very own pinasse, or fishing smack. You’ll be able to experience the Cap Ferret peninsula. If you fancy some fresh oysters, we’ll organize a meal with a local farmer. Bon appétit !

La Maison Bord’eaux Hotel

Don’t let the modern decoration at La Maison Bord’eaux Hotel fool you; this four-star boutique hotel has roots dating back to the 1700s. At that time, it served as un relais de poste, or a place to change horses. This hotel offers a much cozier experience with its 21 rooms. We have a feeling you’ll be tempted by the Deluxe Whirlpool & Terrace Room. At the hotel, you can also enjoy your glass of wine and learn more about what you’re drinking on the hotel’s iPads.

The region of Bordeaux beckons with its impressive wine culture. But beyond your glass of wine, this part of France has much exploring to be done. And with a stay at one of the best hotels in Bordeaux, you’re sure to have both a tasteful and comfortable experience.

Already packing your bags for a stay at one of these best hotels in Bordeaux? We totally get it. And we’re more than happy to organize your stay as well as your visits during your trip to Bordeaux. Be enchanted by Food and Wine Lovers Tour of Paris and Bordeaux, A Luxury Escape to Bordeaux and our The Essence of Bordeaux and it’s Region.

Best Luxury Hotels in Provence

From its fragrant lavender fields to its rolling vineyards, the region of Provence promises blissful moments. This area in southern France makes the ideal destination for its ample sunshine, idyllic villages, and landscape diversity. Provence also boasts stunning hotels and accommodations. At French Side Travel, we’d be happy to organize a stay at these hotels and throw in some special perks and benefits. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite luxury hotels in Provence for their convenience, amenities, and jaw-dropping views.

Best Luxury Hotels in Provence

How to Get to Provence

The best way to get to the heart of Provence is by flying to the Marseille airport. From there, our driver can pick you up and take you to the Provençal village of your dreams. The TGV, or high-speed train, also has direct lines from Paris to Avignon, Aix-en-Provence, and Marseille. These towns are all great launch points as you discover this rich region.

Hotel Villa La Coste in Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade

Calling all wine lovers and art aficionados. Hotel Villa La Coste is a luxury hotel in Provence boasting five stars and 28 villa suites. You could spend hours wandering this luxury hotel grounds with its spa, library, vineyard, bar and restaurants. The hotel is situated in the Château La Coste domain, which also boasts various art exhibitions. We’re sure you’ll be tempted by its Pool Villa Suite, complete with a private patio and pool. 

As glamorous as the hotel rooms are, you’ll still be itching to explore the rest of this property. This luxury hotel also offers an art and architecture tour and wine tasting during your stay. Indulge in some TLC at the property’s spa with a rose, poppy seed and lavender body scrub or a pink mud wrap. We’ll book a table for you at the property’s restaurant led by Michelin-starred chef Hélène Darroze. Her menu will have you feasting on local produce and products such as goat cheese, Camargue rice, and stuffed zucchini. 

Private meal in the middle of a vineyard

France may offer some of the most exquisite restaurants in the world, but sometimes it’s the simple moments we remember most. We’ll organize a private lunch or dinner in the heart of Provençal vineyard. We’ll take care of the table, menu, and chef; simply show up and bask in the moment.

Hotel La Mirande in Avignon

Step into another era at Hotel La Mirande, a 5-star hotel fit for a queen and king. Its 26 rooms are tastefully decorated with cotton prints and each has their own name. From La Rivière Enchantée (enchanted river) to Les Oeillets (carnations), you will be enamored with both the names and the loveliness of these rooms.

Explore the hotel’s intimate garden, which is home to a wide array of plants and herbs picked by its chefs. The hotel also has its own cooking school where guests can book sessions to learn alongside decorated chefs. Try your hand at the pavlova pastry or perhaps sauteed, oriental-spiced squid. 

If you’d rather leave the cooking to the professionals, Hotel La Mirande will not disappoint. We’d be happy to book you a table at La Mirande’s Michelin-starred restaurant. Nosh on Chef Florent Pietravalle’s latest creations from black pear to meat paired with a rye-bread crust. Not only is this hotel rich with its cuisine but also its history.  In the 1300s, the popes came to dine in the oldest room of this hotel.

Baumanière in Les Baux-de-Provence

Venture into the idyllic Provençal countryside with a stay at Baumanière. This five-star hotel is nestled in Les Baux de Provence, a village named one of the most beautiful in France. Its 53 rooms have been tastefully and uniquely decorated and feature pieces from nearby villages such as Isle-sur-la-Sorgue.

A stay at the Baumanière would be incomplete without a reservation at L’Oustau de Baumanière. With a decorated history since 1945, this restaurant boasts three Michelin stars and is led by Chef Glenn Viel. You’ll also have your choice in their wine selection, with some wines aged 150 years. If you’re interested in the science and culture of wine, you can even take an oenology class complete with a cellar visit and wine tastings, bien sûr

Wind down at the property’s spa with their Escape to Provence massage with its notes of lavender and olive or perhaps their Hawaiian-inspired Lomi-Lomi massage.

Villa Gallici in Aix-en-Provence

Opt for a luxurious, intimate escape with a stay at Villa Gallici, located in the heart of Provence. No matter your needs or wishes, a stay in one of this boutique hotel’s 23 rooms will be a dream come true. From balconies with garden views to its Baroque-style beds, these rooms are fit for royalty. Lie out on one of its cushy lounge chairs poolside. 

During your visit, be sure to visit the villa’s exquisite wine cellar with hundreds of choices. Indulge in a unique dining experience with both French and Italian flavors. You can also relax with a gastronomic lunch and spa package for two with your choice of a body or facial treatment along with time in the sauna, jacuzzi, and cryo cabin. Or perhaps you’re in dire need of a recharge but solo; Villa Gallici also offers lunch and spa packages for one.

Private art gallery tour

Whether you fancy before the gallery’s opening or after its closing, we’ll organize a private tour of an art center in Aix-en-Provence. Your guide will explain the past of this former mansion and exhibitions. Finish your VIP experience with a meal or hors d’oeuvres in one of the center’s salons. 

From its renowned vineyards to its history-laden villages, the region of Provence will charm you. With these best luxury hotels in Provence, you’re sure to enjoy your visit to the region in comfort and style.

Itching to book a stay in one of these luxury hotels in Provence? We don’t blame you. And we’re more than happy to organize your stay as well as your visits during your trip to Provence. Be enchanted by A Perfect Cultural and Culinary Stay in the Beautiful Provence, Delights of Provence and our Family Trip to Provence.

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