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Top 2024 Fall Destinations in France

The French Riviera’s crisp waves beckon during the summer, and Alsace’s charming Christmas markets enchant during the winter. But perhaps you’re interested in discovering France during autumn in its shoulder season. Given its geographical diversity…
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How to Spend a Weekend in Biarritz

Biarritz boasts a laid-back atmosphere with a touch of grandeur. This historic seaside resort was once a playground for European royalty, and its legacy of elegance lingers. Today, Biarritz offers a vibrant mix of world-class…
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Your Gourmet Guide to Corsica

Less than an hour’s flight from Nice sits the sun-soaked island of Corsica. This island became part of France in 1786, and today visitors enjoy its crystal blue coastlines and beaches. But even more, Corsica…
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Spend the afternoon wandering round the City of Love! 

11 Unique Souvenirs to Buy (Or Make) in France

Standing underneath the glittering Eiffel Tower, inhaling the fragrant lavender of Provence, tasting a Grand Cru in Bordeaux. When we experience lavish vacations, it’s only fitting that we search high and low for that special…
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Audrey Hepburn-Inspired Paris Itinerary

Audrey Hepburn may not have hailed from France, but this icon of elegance left her mark on this country. From Funny Face to Charade, many of this British actress’ films took place in Paris. Audrey…
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Best Rooftop Bars in Paris by Arrondissement

Paris, the City of Lights, shimmers with romance, history, and undeniable elegance. But beyond the cobblestone streets and iconic landmarks lies another captivating perspective: the Parisian skyline. Imagine sipping a perfectly crafted cocktail as the…
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Guide to Ajaccio: Home of Napoléon Bonaparte

Military commander, short man with his hand folded across his chest, dictator riding on a magnificent horse. Napoleon Bonaparte has many images and titles that precede his name. But beyond the pages of history textbooks,…
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Your Guide to Nîmes: The French Rome

Explore Nîmes, a captivating city in southern France boasting Roman ruins, charming cafes, and modern luxury. Discover ancient amphitheaters, Pont du Gard aqueduct, beautiful gardens & more. Plan your perfect getaway with our travel experts!
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