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10 Oct | Vanessa | no responses.

Three classic French films

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  Films from France usually have their own humour, which is very popular all over the world. Today we present three very different French films that came out in recent years.   It starts with the classic “The Chorus”, released in 2004. The film takes place in France in 1949 and begins with the unsuccessful […]

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Traditional French Recipes

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    France is world renowned for its delicious cuisine, boasting over 85 million tourists per year who are hoping to experience the culture and try the food that makes France the most visited country in the world.  Three classic French dishes will be introduced to you today in a presentation that includes recipes, historical […]

20 Aug | Vanessa | no responses.

On the Trail of Popular French Artists – Part 2

Know more     A few weeks ago, we already presented two of the most famous French artists. Now, we would like to give you an impression of two other world-famous artists and their lives. The trail of their lives leads us to southern France ...   Paul Cézanne (1839-1906) In 1839, Paul Cézanne was born in [...]

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On the trail of popular French artists

Know more France is popular for its rich cultural heritage. A lot of French artists are famous all over the world! In this article we will present you two of them and show you, where you can follow the footsteps of their lives in France.  Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) - post-impressionism Gauguin is one of the most famous [...]

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10 interesting facts about France, you didn’t know before

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      You think that you already know a lot about the stunning country France? Check this article and you will be astonished!     1) France crosses 12 time zones… … thanks to it’s overseas-territories. France is bigger than you might know ! Guadeloupe, Martinique, and the French Antilles in the Caribbean, are the […]

22 Jun | Benita | no responses.

10 Things that make Aix-en-Provence Special

Know more   Any trip to Southern France would be incomplete without a stop in Aix-en-Provence! Here are 10 reasons why it is such a unique and fascinating place.   The juxtaposition of its historical significance & the young feel of the town Aix-en-Provence was founded during the Roman Republic and has a fascinating historical significance; however, [...]

08 Jun | Benita | 20 responses.

Clichés – Why the French are so adorable! PART 1

Know more       There are many renowned clichés about the French that exist all around  the world. Today, we want to reveal the truth about them. But there is no doubt: The French are adorable!     Cliché 1: The French only speak French This stereotype is strongly anchored in many travelers’ minds: In France [...]

25 May | Benita | 2,263 responses.

FAQ – French Side Travel

Know more       Today, we want to answer some questions you might have concerning our incoming travel agency, French Side Travel.       What exactly is an incoming travel agency?   French Side Travel is an incoming travel agency.  That means, our head office is in the same country as the destinations you can [...]