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French winter ski guide Courchevel

French Winter Ski Guide: Courchevel

Courchevel is part of the Trois Vallées the world’s largest ski area with over 370 miles of slopes and 58 lifts. It is synonymous with luxury and is a favorite winter retreat of both royals…
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french christmas traditions and celebrations

French Christmas Traditions and Celebrations

Whether you’re spending the holidays in France or at home, bringing French Christmas traditions into your celebration can make it extra special. Learn about some of the typical ways French people celebrate Christmas including advent…
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Best Van Gogh Activities in France

They say home is where the heart is, but sometimes it’s somewhere far away that tugs at our heart strings. France has long attracted tourists, artists and intellectuals over the centuries with one notable resident…
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best christmas markets in france

The Best Christmas Markets in France

When visiting France during the holidays, taking in Christmas markets is a not to be missed highlight. Throughout France, markets bring together the best of holiday traditions, local artisans, festive illuminations, gourmet specialties and entertainment…
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New Wave Cinema-Inspired Itinerary

Gastronomy, arts, museums. We often think of France for its world-class cuisine, well-reputed artists and its vast choice of museums. But France also has a rich cinema history, which has made a name for itself…
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Christmas in France: Must-See Highlights by Region

The holiday season in France is something that every traveller should experience at least once. Starting in mid-November there is an unrivaled festive atmosphere that overtakes the country. Whether you’re coming to get some shopping…
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Coco Chanel-Inspired Activities in Paris

From the little black dress to her tweed blazers, Coco Chanel defines luxury. But long before she launched her eponymous label, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s beginnings were anything but glamorous. However, these modest roots contributed to…
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Southern France during World War II

When thinking about World War II in France, we often imagine the Allied victory on the beaches of Normandy. Perhaps the photos of Hitler and his Nazi army in front of the Eiffel Tower come…
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Your Guide to French Cheeses

Taking the cake for most Michelin stars awarded by country, France is a land of gastronomy. From artisan pastries to world-class wine, no visitor to France will return home hungry or thirsty. And when it…
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