Top 10 Highlights on the Island of Corsica -
Ajacchio city in Corsica, France

Top 10 Highlights on the Island of Corsica

Corsica, the “Isle of Beauty”, is still an inside tip for most people. But for us, it is one of the best travel destinations in France. The Island is situated in the South of France, right in the Mediterranean Sea. It looks like a mountain in the ocean and enchants its visitors with varied and untouched landscapes. The inhabitants are very proud of their own cultural identity and try to preserve traditions and craftsmanship. In Corsica, you can wander around stunning nature, peaceful villages or picturesque port cities. The mild Mediterranean climate makes it a perfect travel destination for everybody in every season.

Discover 10 Must-see-places in Corsica – every one of them is worth a visit!


Bonifacio is famous for its impressive townscape: The houses are build right on the cliffs and seem about to collapse at any moment. The city is perfect for discovery on foot. Stroll through the medieval alleys to the market place and visit the historic citadel. You might also want to hop on one of the excursion boats for a discovery of the grottos in between the cliffs or of the Lavezzi Islands – a beautiful view of the city is guaranteed. 

Beach and landscape un Bonifacio Corsica

Expert’s Advice: Discover treasures at “La Boutique du Corailleur”, the shop of a coral fisher.


Ajaccio is the biggest Corsican city and the center of administration. Napoleon Bonaparte was born in this city where houses are colored in yellow and gold, and palms and beaches give it a very Southern European atmosphere. Stroll the narrow alleys in the old town and stop in one of the many cafés and restaurants. The picturesque harbor in front of the citadel and the museums are also worth a visit. 

Ajacchio city in Corsica, France

Expert’s Advice: Visit the book store “La Marge”, as well as the market and the fish market.


Porto-Vecchio is especially known for its sandy beaches which feature perfect conditions for sunbathing holidays and surfing. The harbor situated right in the bay and the nice old town, with its cafés and restaurants, are also popular sights of the city. Make sure not to miss the viewpoint at the “Porte Génoise”. From there, you will have spectacular views of the harbor and the gulf lined with stone pines. 

Expert’s Advice: Enjoy live music in “La Taverne du Roi”.


Calvi is situated in the Northern part of the island and it is one of the tourist’s favorite spots. Stroll along the promenade right next to the harbor or through the narrow old town. The unchallenged landmark of the city is the citadel, whose bright granite stones stand out from the blue ocean. When visiting the citadel, you can enjoy spectacular panoramic views over the never-ending beaches and the open Sea. 

Calvi beach in Corsica, France

Expert’s Advice: Try Corsican specialties at “Annie Traiteur”.


The nature reserve Scandola is part of the UNESCO world heritage and walking on the protected coastline is not permitted. But you can still discover the peninsula with volcanic origins by boat. By doing that you can enjoy the beautiful nature without harming the environment. If you are lucky, you can even spot some rare animal species.

Scandola Nature reserve in Corsica, France

Expert’s Advice: Take one of the boats in the harbor of Porto to discover the protected area.

Cap Corse

The winding road taking you along the Cap Corse is 100km long. The Cap Corse just looks like a mountain range in the middle of the ocean. The rugged coastline in the Western part is full of cliffs and bays of pebbles, whereas you can find lovely valleys and villages, as well as beautiful beaches in the Eastern region. The flora and fauna at the cape are unique. The famous Genoese towers along the coast were originally very important for the island’s protection.

beautiful sea in cap corse, Corsica

Expert’s Advice: Buy some high-quality wines at “Domaine Pieretti”.

Desert des Agriates

This desert full of impressive rocks and cliffs and fragrant Macchia is a nearly untouched nature area situated between Cap Corse and La Balagne in the North of Corsica. The highlight of this area is the heavenly beaches, which are, however, not very easy to reach. You can hop on one of the excursion boats in Saint-Florent and enjoy a beach day in an exceptional atmosphere.

Expert’s Advice: Visit the beautiful beaches “Plage de Saleccia” and “Plage de Loto” by boat.

La Balagne

The Balagne is a fertile and hilly area in the North-West of the island and it is also called the “Garden of Corsica”. Picturesque villages and the cities Calvi and Ile-Rousse are part of the Balagne. Enjoy breath-taking views over the coastline and discover the gastronomy and craftsmanship of the locals. If you do not have a car, you can even visit the region by train.

Expert’s Advice: Have dinner in the Corsican restaurant “Chez Edgar” in Lavatoggio.

The Gulf of Porto

The Gulf of Porto is not without reason part of the UNESCO world heritage: the colors in the deep blue bay is just exceptional. The highlights at the gulf are the “Calanches de Piana” with their unique rock formations and “Capu Rosso”, a vertically sloping rock face. The city of Porto and nearby village Piana are both situated in the amazing scenery and definitely worth a visit.

View of the Natural Reserve in Porto

Expert’s Advice: You can find lots of good fish restaurants in Porto, e.g. “Le Maquis”.

Alta Rocca

The Alta Rocca region is full of peaks, villages, forests, rivers, relics from the Stone Age, quiet villages and small towns. The captivating mountains are best discovered by car and the hiking possibilities are just endless. The “Col de Bavella”, a pass that is 1218m high, is very famous in the region and is one of the most beautiful passes on the island. You should also consider visiting the villages Aullène and Levie, situated in the mountains.

Expert’s Advice: Take a lunch break at “A Pignata”, a restaurant that is run by a farmer’s family using mostly their own products.

Which one of these places would you like to visit? Our local specialists can create a travel itinerary according to your wishes. Contact us now!

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