Welcome to the French Alps!

The Alps are the highest mountain range in all of Europe, which offers some of the most breathtaking views on the continent!

In fact, the highest point of the Alps, Mont Blanc, is found in France! The French Alps are located in the Southeastern part of the country and make for an experience like no other. Enthusiasts for nature and winter sports alike will be in awe by the extraordinary natural beauty that awaits them. The French Alps are full of cozy ski resorts, traditional chalets, dynamic slopes and plenty of opportunities to ski, snowboard or do any outdoor activity you wish. Stay in one of the many picturesque ski resort towns such as Chamonix, Megrève, Meribel, Couchevel and Val d’Isère where the views are extraordinary and the skiing opportunities are endless.
In summer, it’s a hiker’s paradise with breathtaking views and wonderful nature.

The French Alps make for a fun and adventurous getaway that everyone can enjoy!

When to go:

For ski- and winter holidays, December, January and February are the perfect months to go, as even the villages are covered by snow in this season. Villages that are situated higher in the mountains may have snow until April, depending on their location.
For hiking tours, the later summer months (August & September) offer ideal conditions, as these are the only months without snow.

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