A Road Trip Through Normandy for Foodies

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A perfect mix of gastronomy and sightseeing

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Spend six days driving and eating your way through Normandy. This is a perfect mix of gastronomy and sightseeing. A car means you’ll have the freedom to explore important sites like Claude Monet’s Giverny and the Impressionist Museum, the D-Day beaches, and the old towns of Bayeaux and Honfleur. Gastronomes will relish the chance to eat seafood in Deauville, visit a Camembert cheesemaker, tour a Calvados apple brandy distillery, and wander through traditional Normand markets. A cooking lesson with Chef Olivier Briand of Ty Gibus is the cherry on top.

Day by Day

Day 1: Paris - Campigny

Pick Up of your Rental Car at the Airport CDG Paris

At your arrival at the airport a rental car of category G (Peugeot 2008 or similar, automatic) will be at your disposal for 3 days. Thus, you can move freely and comfortably. On the day of departure, you will drop off the vehicle at the airport.

By road from Paris to Normandy

France’s very first motorway, the famous A13, runs from Paris to Normandy via Rouen.

Thanks to the motorway, you can easily reach Giverny in just 55 minutes, The musée des impressionnismes in Giverny, a village in Normandy, is devoted to the history of Impressionism and its ramifications, and in particular the artists’ colony at Giverny and in the Seine Vallee.

Rouen in one hour and a half: we will discover the historical center and its half-timbered houses, the river banks of the Seine and the cruises, the Cathedral of Rouen and its gothic architecture, gastronomy and local specialties .

Deauville or Caen in just over two hours.

Deauville street view and houses in France

Day 2: Honfleur - Deauville

Markets in Normandy

Markets in Normandy showcase traditions, authenticity, the quality of life “à la française”

and the diversity of local produce. To experience the great pleasures of a colorful, lively and welcoming atmosphere by browsing at the local markets, here is a listing of markets days, and do bear in mind that most markets actually take place in the morning.

Couple in french market

Suggestion: Self-visit the old port of Honfleur

This coastal town is located on the Seine estuary just south of Le Havre, and is now easily accessible by the new bridge the “Pont de Normandie”. This elegant bridge briefly held the record as the world’s longest cable-stayed bridge.

The pretty port and houses around “Le Vieux Bassin” (the harbor area) are the main attraction in Honfleur now, as they were 120 years ago when visitors started arriving at Honfleur.

Between the houses and the harbor there are numerous cafes, and this is a very lively place for a promenade in the summer. Although it is the tall houses around the harbor that have made Honfleur famous, the streets here in Honfleur old town also contain lots of interesting medieval houses, many now converted into shops and cafes.

walking tour of Honfleur old port boats colorful

Day 3: Pont l'Eveque - Deauville

Workshop in a Calvados distillery: a tasting and sensory experience

Situated in Pont l’Evêque, in the heart of Normandy, the family-owned distillery was founded in 1821 and has been passed on from generation to generation since. The current fifth-generation welcomes you for a tasting and sensory experience.

The Calvados, a popular French liqueur which the French enjoy after their meals.

This experience is a world-class visitor attraction that immerses the audience in a multi-sensory journey through the centuries, from Vikings to the present day. Visitors discover and witness the mystery of transformation that turns apples into Calvados, from the region’s orchards to Calvados’ success all over the world.

This unique experience culminates in an exquisite tasting in the presence of an expert guide, who will teach you the art of tasting in three stages: the eye, the nose, the palate. You will have access to the best collection of Calvados brands ever presented in one place. The youngest will be entitled to organic apple juice.

People tasting wine

Suggestion: From the stall to the table

L’Etoile des mers is first and foremost a high-flying fish shop but is also a place to enjoy a tasting, and also an unusual and delicious restaurant, in the heart of the city. Daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter of fishermen, the owner, Lydie Perchey, entrusts the fishing to her three brothers, who bring her fish to her directly from the port of Trouville: soles, plaice, Saint-Jacques, mackerel are the most popular, as fresh as fresh can be. At the bottom of the shop, 40 tables where guests can enjoy the fresh fish await guests. Chef Romain Trosselo is ready to prepare the day’s catch just for you.

Oysters at restaurant in France

Day 4: Caen - Bayeux

Cooking lessons with Olivier Briand

Cooking is an art that can be shared. It requires love and generosity, cultivates the taste of others. Gibus’ cooking courses offer the chef the opportunity to open his kitchen and pass on his passion.

Ty Gibus welcomes groups of up to 6 people who want to discover and learn the secrets and tricks of the chefs. Before the classes, Olivier Briand will tell you about a theme that he shapes around a product or menu.

As cooking is learned by tasting, each dish is tasted and shared as it is prepared. Objective: to simply have fun cooking together.

The Chief’s motto: “Exchange my skills with those of others, because I learn every day. People give me as much as I give them.”

cooking class in Normandy

Suggestion: Self-visit in Caen

Soaring church towers have embellished Caen’s skyline since William the Conqueror’s time. The castle, now home to major museums, was a key medieval Norman fort.

In World War II, D-Day operations kicked off just down the Orne River, British airborne troops famously securing the vital Pegasus Bridge.

Caen’s vast war museum is now also dedicated to peace, and the Orne used by yachts heading for Caen’s central marina and lively center

Built around 1060 by William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy then King of England, the ducal castle in Caen is now home to the Musée de Normandie (Normandy Museum) and the Musée des Beaux-Arts (Museum of Fine Arts).

Cathedral fo Caen in Frace

Day 5: Bayeux

Walking Guided Tour – The Cathedral and the Old Bayeux 

Gem of the Normand architecture, situated in the heart of the conservation area, the Bayeux Cathedral was consecrated on 14th July 1077, by Bishop Odo of Conteville, in the presence of his illustrious brother, William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy and king of England. It is believed that Odo commissioned the Bayeux Tapestry. The masterpiece from the Middle Ages was probably intended to be hung in the cathedral nave.

Around the cathedral, the historic center, untouched during the events of 1944, offers a rich heritage comprising timber-framed houses, manors, and townhouses.

Cathedral in Bayeux, France

Suggestion: small group half-day guided tour of the D-Day landing beaches (US Sector)

The tour stops to visit major sites in the U.S sector. During the morning your guide will discuss a lot of subjects about the war (from German occupation to French Resistance) and speak about so many different soldiers’ war stories.

A stop at Pointe du Hoc, the largest German coastal battery attacked by the U.S Rangers on D-Day, will put you right in the atmosphere – the beach, the cliff, the bunkers, the bomb craters – before making a stop at the best-known Bloody Omaha.

The last stop of the tour will be the Normandy American Cemetery, for yet another perspective of the beach from the high ground. Your guide will then give you the time to stay longer in the cemetery or save time for the Visitor Center, also next to Omaha Beach.

WWII historical monument

Day 6: Paris

Discovery of the Durand Cheese Factory in Camembert

A national cultural and gastronomic heritage, Camembert is much more than a cheese it is a true symbol of France.   The last cheese dairy that makes Camembert is located in the village of Camembert in Normandy.

Visit the last farm that produces camembert in Camembert, and where Nicolas Durand raises 100 Norman cows.

You will discover the farm and the stages of cheese making: ancestral know-how. The visit is followed by a tasting.

camembert cheese tour


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