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Luxury Gourmet Week in Lyon

7 Days | Wine & Food

An unforgettable week experiencing the best of Lyon's unique gastronomy

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Spend a week discovering the fascinating history of the gastronomic traditions in Lyon and the surrounding villages in the Beaujolais and Drôme regions. You'll enjoy exquisite meals in Michelin-starred restaurants, exclusive tastings with passionate local producers as well as unique experiences like a gourmet picnic amongst the organic vines with local specialties. Visit a lavender distillery where you'll not only get to see the oil extraction process, but also get to taste specialties including lavender cookies, sorbets, and drinks. You'll go on a truffle hunt with a trained truffle hunting dog followed by a visit to a wine cellar with a tasting. This is a truly unique opportunity to go immerse yourself in French gastronomy!

Day by Day


Day 1: Arrival in Lyon

Luxury Transfer from Lyon Airport to Hotel in Lyon

A chauffeur will meet you for a private transfer from Lyon Airport to your accommodation in Lyon in a luxury vehicle (Mercedes E-V Class).

Suggestion – Visit Important Sights in Lyon

Lyon is an ancient commune known for its rich heritage, culture, and adventurous activities. This city attracts tourists from all parts of the world. It has even earned a place on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Discover and explore renowned places like the magnificent Lugdunum theaters, the charming Basilica of Fourviere, the stunning Place Bellecour, and the enchanting Lyon City Hall. In the Basilica of Fourviere, stroll around the Virgin’s Chapel to learn about its enriching history as well as tradition. The Place Bellecour is known for its equestrian statue of King Louis IV and is considered one of the third biggest squares in the hexagon region. The Lyon City Hall must be explored for its most beautiful painted Baroque decors built during the 16th century.

a weekend getaway to lyon

Suggestion – Dinner at Le Bistrot du Potager in Lyon

The restaurant Le Bistrot du Potager located in the heart of Lyon has a culinary magic of the highest degree. The restaurant welcomes you and offers the best in service and comfort in a cozy and modern interior. The chef and his team prepare exquisite gastronomy cuisine.

Ingredients are carefully chosen and prepared in complete harmony with nature. This is a perfect place for an extraordinary lunch or dinner. The delicious cuisine is modern with a distinct tie to the Lyon region. This gourmet restaurant is a genuine gastronomical highlight.

Overnight Stay with Breakfast in the 5-star Hotel Cour des Loges in the Heart of Vieux-Lyon

People eating french food, and drinking wine

Day 2: Day Tour of the Beaujolais Region

Full-Day Custom Private Tour

Enjoy a custom-built private tour from your accommodation in Lyon with an English-speaking driver-guide.

Visit & Tasting at Terre de Bières

The brewery Terre de Bières has been working with passion to create craft beers and lemonade for 14 years now and has built up a reputation across the region.

Let yourself be guided by the passionate brewer who will show you his production area, the raw materials, and all his traditional savoir faire. Afterwards, you will go to the counter for a commented tasting of different types of beers. From the choice of raw materials to the bottling, you will discover the entire manufacturing process, which makes the craft beers unique.

Picnic in the Organic Vineyards of Château des Bachelards

Enjoy a picnic with your friends and family in the organic vineyards of Château des Bachelards in the Beaujolais region.

The delicacies include a vegetable appetizer, hot dishes, a bottle of house wine, and an organic baguette. For those with a sweet tooth, desserts are also available.

Suggestion – A Visit to Charnay

Charnay village is located in Beaujolais, 20 km from Lyon and 12 km from Villefranche-sur-Saône.

Perched at 450 m altitude, the village is surrounded by the municipalities of Alix, Belmont, Saint-Jean des Vignes, Morancé, and Marcy. Built on a ridge that starts from the Azergues (Pont Dorieux) and descends on Villefranche, this location gives Charnay a very wide panoramic view in all directions, especially from the panoramic tower.

Charnay is classified as one of the most beautiful villages in the Golden Stones sector. Everything you see here is dedicated to preserving the sweetness of life and this vast heritage.

Places of interest to visit:

The Mansard castle, built around 1650.

The Romanesque church. The fortified castle was built between the 12th and 13th centuries.

The castle of Bayère, wash house built in 1880, and a rocking bridge built in 1871.

Suggestion – Dinner at Restaurant Rustique in Lyon

Located in the heart of Lyon, experience authentic flavorful French cuisine at a one Michelin-starred restaurant.

The gourmet cuisine is made using modern techniques to create wonderful dishes. The ingredients are carefully chosen and prepared in complete harmony with nature.

This is a perfect place for an authentic dinner during your stay in Lyon.

Overnight Stay with Breakfast in the 5-star Hotel Cour des Loges in the Heart of Vieux-Lyon

tour group in champagne vineyard

Day 3: A Day to Discover Lyon

Morning Private Walking Tour of Lyon

In just a few hours, thanks to your passionate guide, you will discover the best of Lyon and its features that have contributed to its reputation throughout the centuries: its architecture, 2,000 years of history, silk factories, and gastronomy.

It is at Place de Bellecour, the heart of the Presqu’île, that you will meet your guide. From the square, which offers an amazing view of the Basilica de Fourvière, you will reach Old Lyon by crossing the Bonaparte bridge. Thanks to the legendary ficelle, the famous cable car, you will rich the top of the hill in order to discover the unusual architecture of the basilica and appreciate the fantastic overview of the city.

Return to Old Lyon, while strolling through the roman theaters or taking the same cable car back, to St John’s square, the oldest square in Lyon. Enter the historic neighborhood to discover the charm of its Renaissance architecture. Your guide will show you its courtyards and “traboules.” These typically covered passageways through the medieval structures hide beautiful courtyards.

Delicious stopovers will complement the history and the fun little anecdotes because you cannot really visit Lyon without talking about food and silk. This is the perfect occasion to talk about the international reputation of Lyon gastronomy and to discover traditional recipes and gourmet secrets.

To end the walk, you will visit a silk workshop where silk is still woven the traditional way, perpetuating centuries-old traditions. This rich and complete tour is sure to delight the senses!

Your tour ends in Old Lyon.

Suggestion – Lunch at Restaurant Léon de Lyon

The restaurant Léon de Lyon is located in the heart of Lyon. You’ll enjoy fabulous traditional French dishes with modern twists in an absolutely stunning atmosphere. There is a seamless blend of old and new in Léon de Lyon in both the cooking methods and decor. It is an absolutely not to be missed spot!

Suggestion – Afternoon Visit of Artistic Sights in Lyon

Experience the Opera of Lyon, which is located in the city center in the Terreaux district. This National Opera of Lyon was renovated in 1993 by the architect Jean Nouvel. You will see the auditorium which has an immense black shell suspended in the heart of the building and you will enjoy the orchestra, the chorus, ballet, and the Children’s Choir. In total, there are more than a hundred artists who perform at Lyon National Opera.

This region is also famous for its painted houses. Don’t miss witnessing the Canut wall painting which is located close to Henon metro station. This art shows the life of Croix-Rousse, which is a neighborhood built for silk workers. The artwork on the wall regularly transforms depending upon the changes in the neighborhood. You will experience some history and modernity by viewing this beautiful art.

Next, visit the Confluence museum, the architecture is incredible! It is made of glass, concrete, and stainless steel and stands erect like a beacon on the horizon, at the meeting point of the Rhône and Saône rivers.

Such a building could only house an exceptional museum that of the confluence of scientific, technical, and societal knowledge, encompassing earth, humanity, history, and geography. In other words, it is a door that opens out onto the world, the universe, and knowledge in general.

Besides the museum’s permanent collections, there are temporary exhibitions, important artistic and scientific conferences, world music concerts, thematic weeks, and various events. The museum also boasts a bookshop store, brasserie, and café.

Overnight Stay with Breakfast in the 5-star Hotel Cour des Loges in the Heart of Vieux-Lyon

Day 4: Discover the Vallée du Rhone

Full-Day Custom Private Tour

Enjoy a custom-built private tour from your accommodation in Lyon with an English-speaking driver-guide.

Exclusive Private Tour of the Caveau du Château

A warm setting and friendly atmosphere are what make Caveau du Château a perfect place for all wine lovers. This 19th-century historical establishment offers you an incredible oenological experience. Witness the 2,000 year-old wine-growing heritage. The great appellations of the Rhône Valley, including Côte-Rôtie, Condrieu, Hermitage, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, and many others, are offered for sale and tasting on-site. Come and discover the different stages of wine creation, from the reception of the harvest to the maturation of the wine, including the vinification process.

During the tasting, focus on the wine designation Côte Rôtie and discover five of the most prestigious terroirs from this region. This will allow you to compare different wines from the same appellation or from the same region.

Suggestion – Visit the Beautiful Region of Vienne Condrieu

A fascinating and magnificent city, Vienne Condrieu is one of the most visited places in the Lyon region, inviting tourists from all over the world.

Sip on a coffee in front of a 2,000 year-old temple, discover the secrets of making Williams pear brandy, and taste wines. You can even attend an open-air jazz concert in the heart of an ancient theatre.

For people interested in history, explore ancient sites like the Museum of Gallo of the Roman civilization, famous for its baronial architecture. The Roman amphitheater, located just opposite the museum has the capacity to allot 10,000 spectators attracting international artists and music lovers. You can also explore the historical monument La Chartreuse de Saint Croix en Juarez, a former monastery of Carthusian monks, founded in 1281 by Beatrix de la Tour du Pin.

Visit with Chocolate and Wine Workshop at Cité du Chocolat

Whether you’re a gourmet enthusiast or simply love chocolate, whether you’re an amateur or a professional, you will definitely savor a magical experience with this most exceptional of ingredients!

First, explore the museum at your own pace, following a mouth-watering and eye-opening trail, and discover all the secrets of how the chocolate is made, from the bean to the bar.

In the company of an oenologist-guide and a chocolate expert, you will then find out about the subtle, delicious, and sometimes amazing affinities between the Rhône Valley red and white wines and Valrhona’s Grand Cru dark and milk chocolates.

chocolate tasting trip in paris

Suggestion – Dinner at Restaurant André in Valence

Experience this bistro steeped in history, which holds the recipes of each generation of the Pic family on the plate. Savor the red mullet and foie gras, a combination of land and sea that is as daring as it is aesthetically pleasing. Other dishes not to miss include the bouillabaisse jelly mix, as well as the crayfish, sweetbreads, and Nantua sauce appetizer.

Overnight Stay and Breakfast in a Unique 5-star Hotel Maison Pic in Valence

Day 5: Discovery of the Drôme Region

Full-Day Custom Private Tour

Enjoy a custom-built private tour from your accommodation in Lyon with an English-speaking driver-guide.

Suggestion – Visit Beautiful Villages in the Drôme Region

You will explore some beautiful villages of the Drôme region such as Mirmande, Cliousclat, Le Poet-Laval, or La Garde-Adhemar.

You can visit Mirmande, a magnificent and charming hillside village which owns some history of the medieval past. Whether you love hiking or cycling, it is waiting for you to explore its gems including many picturesque medieval streets. Visit some of the many artists, craftsmen and pottery workshops. You can also tour the Sainte-Foy Church, The Chapel of Saint Lucia, The Porte des Gaultiers, and much more.

Not far from Mirmande, discover the village of Cliousclat, a famous hilltop town known since the 17th century for its production of artisanal pottery. During the summer, a small museum of pottery stories is open to learn more about the village’s history and traditions.

Explore the village Le Poet-Laval which is surrounded by imposing grey defensive walls that seem indestructible. This fortified village impresses the visitor even from a distance. When you enter, take in the view of certified authentic old buildings, in perfect harmony and taste.

Another place to visit is La Garde-Adhemar. The town has many popular attractions, including Jardin des Herbes, and Eglise Saint-Michel, making it well worth a visit. Its white stone façades, vaulted passages, and picturesque streets make it a truly beautiful place.


Suggestion – Lunch at Restaurant La Capitelle in Mirmande

The gourmet restaurant La Capitelle invites you to enjoy a gourmet moment with a stunning surrounding.

Taste the delightful dishes beneath the vaults by the fireplace or on the terrace with a panoramic view of the valley.

La Capitelle specializes in the tastes of the Drôme region, from the Vercors to Provence.

The chef creates a delicate cuisine inspired by the seasons and local ingredients. To ensure taste, high-quality ingredients are used to prepare the dishes. The master chef offers three appetizers, three main courses with meat and fish, cheeses, and three desserts, all of which are prepared using daily market picks.

This is an excellent restaurant, perfect for a special lunch or dinner.

Private Tour of a Lavender Distillery

Explore the stunning lavender fields nestled in a small valley full of sunshine throughout the seasons. The estate is an invigorating and peaceful haven in a serene natural setting. The organic lavender is cultivated in perfectly exposed clay-limestone fields that benefit every sprig of lavender throughout its flowering season (from mid-June to mid-July).

Begin your visit with a sensory test around the lavender & Lavandin. Approach the fields and discover the cultural history and reasons why lavender is planted next to truffle oaks. You’ll discover how the plants are harvested and distilled. Looking through a transparent glass still, you will see the essential oil extraction process. These pure organic lavender essential oils are used in a variety of 100% natural cosmetics which are available for purchase. You will also taste a wide range of sweet and savory lavender cookies, a lavender, verbena, and thyme sorbet, and a lavender drink.

shopping for lavender at market

Overnight Stay with Breakfast in the Beautiful 4-star Hotel Le Clair de la Plume in the Quaint Village of Grignan

Day 6: Wine and Truffles Around Grignan

Full-Day Custom Private Tour

Enjoy a custom-built private tour from your accommodation in Lyon with an English-speaking driver-guide.

Private Tour of the Cellars of Domaine de Grangeneuve with Gourmet Wine Tasting

Spend an exotic and eventful day at Domaine de Grangeneuve, where the estate’s owners are dedicated to sustainable farming and use the best organic products for their wines. The estate is perfectly located with coolness from the north and sun from the south to create delectable wines, reflecting the essence of Rhône. Their drive and desire to make quality wines have allowed them to place their wines in many Michelin-starred restaurants.

The establishment welcomes you throughout the year to discover the palette of aromas of their red and white varieties. The sommelier will take you on a fantastic tour through the cellar, with a special gourmet wine tasting in one of the many rooms just for this purpose. The tasting is comprised of three components: Les Incontournables (the essentials), the Plaisir wine assortment, and the expertise of Grangeneuve.

Two men on Wine Tour in a Bordeaux Vineyard

Suggestion – Stroll through the Lovely Village of Nyons

You will explore Nyons, a charming village in the Drôme region, located between Valence and Avignon. It is known for its pleasant climate due to its favorable location. It has beautiful surroundings and cultural heritage which makes it an exceptional tourist destination.

To discover the secrets of lavender and aromatic plants from Provence, visit Distillerie Bleu Provence, located on the banks of the Eygues River. This company carries out the transformation of aromatic and medicinal plants into essential oils.

Later, you may visit the La Scourtinerie museum created in 2013. In the museum, you will find presses displayed as well as prototypes of the machines invented by the Fert Family. From silk to coconut weaving, you’ll discover the family saga, the genesis of scourtins (a round mat made of fiber), and its evolution through generations. You will also learn about coconut fiber and its origin, machines, and more.

Domaine de Montine – Truffle Digging with the Winemaker: Visit Truffle Fields and the Wine Cellar with a Tasting

For four generations, the Monteillet family has been passionately involved in its vineyards on this former farm of the castle of Grignan, where the Marquise de Sévigné lived.

The Domaine de Montine farms 65 hectares of vineyards spread across three appellation terroirs, as well as three hectares of truffle oaks and four hectares of lavender.

During your visit, you will have the opportunity to search for truffles at the heart of truffle oaks while accompanied by a trained dog. You will be shown how to cave properly.

Later, you will visit the wine cellar to learn about the estate’s history and the AOC Grignan-les-Adhémar, three different vinifications of white, rosé, and red wines, and the importance of aging in oak barrels. You will also be able to sample the estate’s finest wines.

Suggestion – Dinner at Restaurant Le Bistro Chapouton in Grignan

Discover Le Bistro Chapouton, a well-mastered cuisine featuring strong flavors. In summer, you will enjoy your food on the terrace with a view of the Castle of Grignan. Savor the dishes made with ingredients that could include organic soft-boiled eggs, primavera vegetables, Mousseline of whiting, passion fruit, and mango espuma.

Overnight Stay with Breakfast in the Beautiful 4-star Hotel Le Clair de la Plume in the Quaint Village of Grignan

Day 7: Return to Lyon

Full-Day Custom Private Tour

Enjoy a custom-built private tour from your accommodation in Lyon with an English-speaking driver-guide.

Exclusive Tour of the Renowned La Maison Delas Freres Winery

Founded in 1835, the well-known Delas Freres wine company is more than a century old and has still maintained its superior wine quality. The Delas Freres’ new property in Tain-l’Hermitage showcases vinifying the highest quality appellations with the latest and modern technology. The introduction of oenological equipment tailored to the vinification and aging requirements of selected wines has also contributed to the revival of Delas.

Visit the vineyards on the steep slopes where man must be the “mason” of his own wines. Explore the completely renovated aging cellars where the dry stone retaining walls have been painstakingly rebuilt in order to preserve the countryside heritage and ambiance.

The white Hermitage combines rich and complementary floral notes from the Marsanne and Roussanne varietals. The Crozes-Hermitage displays the perfect balance between tannic structure and aromatic complexity, along with the characteristic persistence and freshness of the Syrah grown on this terroir. Taste the delicious wines on-site and indulge in the natural surroundings.

Suggestion – Walk in Lyon at Tete d’Or Park, on the Banks of the Rhône and Sâone Rivers

The Parc de la Tête d’Or (Park of the Golden Head) is a 290-acre urban park in Lyon, France. It includes the Jardin Botanique de Lyon as well as a lake where boating is permitted during the summer season. This park attracts a large number of visitors during the summer and it is a popular destination for joggers and cyclists.

There is a small free zoo in the middle of the park that houses girafe, deer, reptiles, primates, and other animals.

The Berges du Rhône (Rhône River Banks) or Quais du Rhône (Rhône River Quays) are a series of parks, quays, streets, and walking paths that run along the Rhône River in Lyon. The modern Berges du Rhône were built between 2005 and 2007, resulting in the development of 10 hectares of land on the Rhône’s left and right banks, from Parc de la Tête d’Or to Parc de Gerland.

The Saône is an eastern French river. It is a right tributary of the Rhône, rising in the Vosges department at Vioménil and joining the Rhône at the southern end of the Presqu’île in Lyon. The name Saône is derived from the Gallic river goddess Souconna, which is also associated with a local Celtic tribe known as the Sequanes. Monastic copyists slowly changed Souconna to Saoconna, which gave rise to Saône. Brigoulus and Arar were two other ancient names for the river.

Suggestion – Lunch at Restaurant Tetedoie in Lyon

Perched on Fourvière hill overlooking the city, the restaurant is a gourmet showcase. A champion of Gallic culinary traditions, the chef who is a fan of contemporary art is committed to fine-tuning and even modernizing this heritage.

Bites of snails, foie gras, and pistachio; “portfolio” of red mullet, carrots, and game sauce; mallard duck, grilled chestnuts and Jack Be Little pumpkins: his dishes sometimes read like an abstract art exhibition.

The cuisine which is generous and sensitive is depicted by an intelligent array of textures and flavors.

Seasonal produce from the two vegetable gardens and from the partnerships with local producers are favored.


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