A Journey Through Elegance: French Riviera to Normandy -

A Journey Through Elegance: French Riviera to Normandy

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Discover France from Coast to Coast

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Explore on a delicate tour through the heart of France, Normandy's stunning landscapes, and the Riviera's sandy shores. Indulge in the ultimate of French luxury as you savor excellent wines amidst lust vineyards, relax in soothing spas, and sail gracefully across blue lakes. Wander through fragrant Lavender Fields, enveloped in a delightful aroma, and marvel at the iconic Eiffel Tower, a radiant gem set against the Parisian skyline. This luxurious trip encourages you to completely immerse yourself in France's charm, promising a beautiful blend of luxury, culture, and breathtaking scenery.

Day by day


Day 1: Saint-Tropez

Private Transfer from the Airport to your Hotel in Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez, city in France

Day 2: Saint-Tropez

Spa Appointment 

At outstanding 5-star spa in Saint Tropez, you will enter a world of superior relaxation. Consider a few hours of bliss in which trained hands massage your tension away while you immerse in scented essential oils. Our spa, hidden in the lap of luxury, encourages you to relax and rejuvenate. Imagine yourself in a soothing jacuzzi, surrounded by the gentle murmur of water, with moments of calm meditation in soft loungers. It’s more than simply a spa day; it’s a soul-nourishing retreat that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and shining for the remainder of your luxurious thrilling experiences.

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boat docked in st tropez harbor mediterranean sea

Day 3: Gorges du Verdon

Kayaking and Canoeing in Verdon

Embrace the day with an exhilarating kayaking and canoeing adventure in the heart of Verdon Gorge. At the break of dawn, gear up for a thrilling kayaking experience, navigating the river’s challenging rapids and admiring the rugged beauty of the cliffs. For those seeking a more tranquil escapade, opt for a leisurely canoe ride, gently paddling through the serene waters, absorbing the enchanting surroundings. Marvel at the dramatic limestone formations and hidden alcoves, immersing yourself in the natural wonders of Verdon. Whether you’re an expert paddler or a novice, Verdon’s waterways offer an unforgettable journey for every adventurer.


Day 4: Saint-Tropez

Tour of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez Wine Region

Discover the oldest wine-growing region in France through a walk in the vineyards, a visit to the wine cellars, and an introduction to wine tasting. Whether they are located next to the sea or on the plains, whether they belong to small family farms or large estates, each winery produces wines of a particular type. There is so much to discover between a walk at Saint Tropez and a swim in the Mediterranean Sea.

Your local wine-loving guide is ready to share her passion and show you the hidden side of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. At the heart of the Côtes de Provence AOC (appellation d’origine contrôlée) there are exceptional terroirs only a stone’s throw away from the most renowned beaches of the French Riviera.

Day 5: Saint - Tropez

Saint Tropez – Porquerolles (island)

You will begin your journey in Saint Tropez and depart for Porquerolles. Upon arriving to the island you will pick up the E-Bikes.

Private Day Cruise on a Motor Yacht with Skipper

Private Cruise to Porquerolles, E-bike Tour in the Vineyards and Carmignac Foundation

You can begin your journey in the port of Porquerolles, where you will pick up the E-bikes and set off to discover the magnificent island. From Cap des Mèdes to Langoustier, you will discover unique landscapes and the most secret places. You will be told the history of this island with a thousand facets. This escapade will lead you to the Fondation Carmignac for a guided tour of the temporary art exhibition and its remarkable gardens.

For the aperitif, you will have the privilege of tasting the wines of the estate with the cellar master who will explain the particularity of this island ecosystem. Enjoy a sumptuous lunch in the gardens of the foundation under the hundred-year-old pines. The chef will surprise you with his traditional and modern cuisine.

Finally, you will be taken by boat to discover the island, its creeks, and its turquoise waters for the rest of the afternoon. Relaxation, diving, and snorkeling must be tried for a worthwhile experience.

Day 6: Saint-Tropez to Gordes

Visit Gordes

Gordes is listed as one of the “Plus Beaux Villages de France” (Most Beautiful Villages of France). This lovely little hilltop village looks like the scene of a postcard or painting. In fact, artists Victor Vasarély and Marc Chagall found inspiration for their paintings here. An ancient “village perché” (perched village), Gordes has a dramatic setting. The village stands on a steep slope descending from the Plateau de Vaucluse to the Coulon Valley. The perched location provided protection from invasions during the Middle Ages.

Dominating Gordes is the 16th-century Château de Gordes, a fortified castle with medieval corner towers and a grand doorway. The château’s Great Hall boasts a monumental Renaissance fireplace, one of the finest in France. The château houses, the Pol Mara Museum, dedicated to the Flemish painter’s masterpieces. To reach the museum, visitors must climb the château’s impressive spiraling Renaissance staircase up to the exhibition rooms on the top floor.

a weekend getaway to provence

Day 7: Gordes

Hot Air Balloon Ride Over the Luberon

Ride above the colorful Luberon region in a hot air balloon at sunrise.

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Day 8: Gordes

Full-Day Tour of the Provence’s Lavender Fields

Visit the high plateau to experience one of Provence’s emblematic sites: the blooming, fragrant lavender fields.

From mid-June to August, the high plateau blooms in breathtaking purple. Enjoy scenic routes away from the crowds. Get ready to take beautiful photos!

The tour includes the Albion plateau, and the villages of Sault and Banon. The wild nature is the setting for Sault, perched on a rocky promontory. It dominates a plain dedicated to agriculture where lavender predominates offering in summer a unique palette of colors.

Leaning against the Albion plateau, between the mountains of Lure and Ventoux, Banon has kept its authentic and natural character. Surrounded by fields of lavender, plains of cereals and hills delicately perfumed by aromatic plants, a checkerboard of striking colors is drawn around the village.

Day 9: Avignon to Paris

Invalides & Eiffel Tower Area, Art and Food Private Guided Walking Tour

With this three-hour walking tour in Paris’ 7th arrondissement you’ll explore both the iconic places in the area but also discover some lesser known gems.

After strolling through the gardens of Rodin museum, you will walk to Invalides before heading to the gourmet street of the area. You will stop at a fantastic cheese shop, have a drink “à la française,” and discover renowned gourmet shops.

You’ll also have a pastry tasting before reaching Champs de Mars to learn about the history of the Eiffel Tower.

restaurant in Paris, France

Day 10:Paris

Eiffel Tower Tickets with Summit Access

Visit the very top of the most famous monument in the world – the Eiffel Tower! At 984 feet high, you will admire the unarguable best areal views that Paris has to offer and see the main monuments such as the Louvre Museum, the Invalides, and many more from an unparalleled perspective.

However fantastic views are not the only thing you’ll see at the very top. The office of Mr. Eiffel himself is a room he had reserved at the top of the tower to welcome his visitors.

In several places there are illuminated panels with some pictures from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, sometimes even more recently. We see the engineers who designed the tower, Gustave Eiffel the contractor, the architect Sauvestre and Emile Nouguier, the designer. There is also a sign explaining how the inauguration of the tower took place in 1889, and the opportunity to see up close the technical installations at the top of the tower.

Finally, there is a champagne bar on the 3rd floor of the Eiffel Tower with a server offering two varieties of champagnes by Alain Ducasse: a white and a rosé. How many chances in your life will you get to sip champagne at the very top of the Eiffel? Not very many, but here is an opportunity now – best to take it!

Private Louvre Scavenger Hunt

While adults discover the highlights of the historic museum with its many treasures, children are handed a specially-designed booklet, plus a pencil and are asked to look for clues and answer questions as they walk through the different wings of the museum. “What were the symbols of the Egyptian Pharaohs?” “Why is that smile on the Mona Lisa’s face?” At the end of the hunt, kids are rewarded with a surprise gift….

Louvre Museum Paris

Day 11: Normandy

Rouen in Normandy

The large town of Rouen, the capital of the Normandy region, is classified as a ‘City of Art and History’ and has more than 200 protected heritage sites.

The cathedral is undoubtedly the highlight of Rouen, despite its many challenges over the last few centuries. It was very badly damaged during the bombing in April 1944 and it was close to collapse. Happily, the cathedral was saved and has undergone major renovations since. The impressionist artist Monet painted 30 canvases of Rouen cathedral, attempting to capture the building in all different light and weather conditions; it is one of the most impressive series of impressionist paintings.

Start your visit of the old town in the Place du Vieux-Marché: beautiful and filled with tourists now, this was actually the square where Joan of Arc was burned to death for heresy.

The church of St Joan of Arc has a completely different appearance from much of historic Rouen. This modern church has been built on the site where Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake. The large cross stands on the exact spot, with the church next to it. The strangely shaped slate-tiled roof is supposed to represent the flames.

There are several museums in Rouen, including a Museum of Fine Arts (with an important display of Impressionist paintings) and a Museum of Ceramics (historically an important product in the town). Gustave Flaubert (who wrote the novel “Madame Bovary”) was born in the town, an event commemorated as a museum in the house where he was born. Rouen’s Natural History Museum is second in France only to that of Paris and has an impressive collection of artifacts.

Day 12: Paris

Excellence Transfer from Normandy to Paris Airport

A private driver will pick you up and drive you safely to your destination, in an excellence vehicle.

Cathedral fo Caen in Frace

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