A Fragrance-Filled Journey through Grasse and Marseille -

A Fragrance-Filled Journey through Grasse and Marseille

8 Days | Family-friendly Travel, Group Travel

Exploring the Essence of Perfumery: A 8-Day Fragrance Adventure in Grasse and Marseille!

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On this 8-day vacation in Grasse and Marseille, immerse yourself in the world of scent. Create your own scents, visit perfume museums, and stroll through aromatic flower farms. Discover the art and history of perfumery at its birthplace, and leave with memories fragrant with the essence of the French Riviera.

Day by day


Day 1: Arrival in Grasse

Welcome to France!

The driver will pick you up at Nice airport and drive you safely to Grasse

Private guided of the visit of the International perfume museum and garden

Created in 1989, the Musée International de la Parfumerie, the only museum of its kind in the world, is located in the emblematic territory of the city of Grasse, the cradle of luxury perfumery, wh

ich was initiated in France. Dedicated to one of the most prestigious traditional French activities, the International Perfume Museum allows visitors to discover the history and originality of the profession of the manufacturers and the major perfume houses. A true testimony to the international technical, aesthetic, social and cultural history of the tradition of the use of scents, the museum takes an anthropological approach to the history of fragrances in all its aspects: raw materials, manufacturing, industry, innovation, trade, design, uses and through very diverse forms: art objects, decorative arts, textiles, archaeological witnesses, unique pieces or industrial forms.

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Day 2: Perfume Workshop and ExpoRose Experience

Private Perfume workshop at Molinard 

Enjoy the living patrimony by creating your own customized vial of perfume from one hundred essences present in the boutique.You will first attend the workshop provided by an expert perfumer and subsequently with his help make one for your own and take it home.

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Free time in order to enjoy the ExpoRose in Grasse

Day 3: Private Perfumer Workshop

Private Perfumer Workshop – Fragonard Les Fleurs

This workshop allows you to create a unique fragrance with notes of citrus, aromatic and orange blossom depending on your taste.

The workshop features

You will know everything about the history of the perfumery, origins of the raw materials, the essences used by a “nose”. Also about the fragrance pyramid: head, heart and base notes.

You will also customize your Eau de Cologne with 9 essences.

Free time in order to enjoy the ExpoRose in Grasse

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Day 4: Craft Your Signature Fragrance

Private Signature atelier at Galimard

Express yourself in a whole new way by creating a fragrance unique to your experiences.

At the Studio des Fragrances, our Atelier « Signature » will help you identify and combine the scents that are most special to you, and create your own personalized olfactive signature. By utilizing only your favorite scents, and those linked with your most precious memories, you will create a fragrance completely unique to your life experience. Wearing it will become a new form of self-expression.

You will discover the secrets of perfume creation, and how to mix in perfect proportion. The in-house “Nose” will show you how to develop the perfect equilibrium between the head, heart, and base notes of the perfume, using the 127 different notes that you will discover on your individual perfume organ – the special organizational instrument of scents used by all professional perfume creators.

With the support of the “Nose,” you will become a real inventor of original fragrances. Make the perfume your own by choosing scents that are the closest to your heart, and will best express who you are every time you wear it.

You will take home your creation in an elegant glass bottle personalized with the name you choose for your perfume.

Using your unique formula, we will also create with the base notes of your creation a scent diffuser for your home. The base notes which are the most durable in the fragrance pyramid will become the signature scent of your home.

Your formula (saved in our confidential records) can be reordered any time. (as Perfume, Eau de Toilette, body lotion, shower gel or scent diffuser).

They will provide all the tools necessary to create your own special fragrance.

Day 5: Private Tour of Marseille and Soap Making Experience

Private atelier and visit of the flower farm by the owner, a passionate of perfume plants

Enjoy this olfactory and gustatory guided tour of the perfume plants of the Grasse region and their transformation into confectionery.

Since 2011, they have relaunched the production of Perfume Plants where Thierry’s grandfather once cultivated “LA” Fleur! We grow Rose Centifolia, Jasmine, Violet, Mint, Tuberose, Sour Orange, and Lily. We transform, on the Domaine, some of our flowers (Rose, Jasmine, Violet, Tuberose and Mint) into confectionery!

Workshop – Making Centifolia Rose Water 45 min

  •  Picking of the Centifolia Rose
  •  Collegial preparation of the rose water in a copper Still
  • You will leave with your creation: 1 bottle of 50ml of centifolia rose water

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Day 6: Unveiling the Charms of Marseille

Private walking tour of Marseille and visit Licorne Savonnerie 

Go on a walking tour of France’s oldest city. The geography is breathtaking, as it nestled between the turquoise Mediterranean Sea, rocky inlets, and rising hills. The Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde Basilica overlooks the city from a prominent hill. It’s affectionately known to the Marseillaises as the “Bonne Mère” (the Good Mother). It was originally settled by Phoencian traders 26 centuries ago. Today it’s a dynamic place that has long attracted people from the Mediterranean and beyond. Today it’s outgrown its once-troubled reputation to becoming a beautiful, sprawling, and intensely interesting destination.

Ideally located on the Vieux Port, the Savonnerie welcomes you at the heart of a historic heart site.

This monumental military arsenal was designed by his minister, Colbert, in the second half of the 17th century to host and arm the king’s galleys, including the famous and sumptuous “réale” – 57 meters long and equipped with 32 pairs of oars.

Until 1748, the arsenal was used to house galley men and hard labor convicts before their transfer to Toulon, which today is the mooring site of France’s famous aircraft carrier, the “Charles de Gaulle”.

This 1666 painting on your right by Jean-Baptist de la Rose shows the Vieux-Port, the galley arsenal and the current location of the Marseille Soap Museum.

Even today, one can still get a feel of the places in the region where the soap museum’s white stone and wooden beams come from. our museum opens the doors to the history of soap, from prehistory to the present, thanks to its frescoes, artworks, documents, objects and rare pieces.

Enjoy our interactive museum with its own “sense of smell space” and our Marseille soap manufacturing demonstration workshop where you can create your very own personalized soap.

Day 7: Natural Marvels and Soap Secrets

Private guided visit “Gardens in the city”

A licensed guide offers you an essential route to discover the city’s “garden”, “spontaneous”, wild and mostly invisible nature.

Historical and natural heritage meet in a visit where nature is at the heart of history.

During the visit, a tasting of home-made mint syrup is planned in a private courtyard.

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Private Visit of ”Le Sérail soap factory

Le Sérail: Manufacture and sale of Marseille soap cooked in a cauldron since 1949…

For generations, our concern has been to respect and perpetuate the manufacture of genuine Marseille Soap cooked in a cauldron in the old way.

Thanks to its hypoallergenic and bactericidal virtues, Marseille soap is highly recommended by dermatologists for sensitive skin.

Day 8: Marseille to Marseille Airport

Marseille to Marseille Airport

Fort Saint Jean in Marseille

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