5 Good Reasons to plan your Tour in France
with French Side Travel:

1 Expertise
Take full advantage of a highly professional team:
You can travel with peace of mind and rely on the guarantees of a registered French tour operator. Our Team at French Side Travel organizes your tailor-made trip to France, and ensures round-the-clock customer service on site. In the event of any default or non-performance on the part of our service providers, we will immediately propose a replacement solution.

2 Quality Assurance
Benefit from the guarantees and services of a registered French tour operator:
We select our partners very carefully: They share our values and are happy to welcome you into their world and lifestyle. All of our travel products are thoroughly tested before we offer them to our clients. At French Side Travel, it is crucial that our trip offerings provide quality service, comfort and cleanliness.

3 Flexible, Tailor-made Tours
Take your time to savor every single moment:
Upon initial contact, you will be assisted by a qualified tourism professional. They will be happy to share their knowledge of the destination with you and propose a personalized itinerary adapted to your needs and wishes. Your contact person will be there for you before, during and after your trip to France. We are happy to advise you, and throughout your entire trip we will remain at your disposal.

4 Authenticity and Immersion in French Culture
Do, act, live and share rather than simply “sightsee”:
In our travels, we emphasize open-mindedness memorable experiences. We want to stimulate your senses and expand your mind and your curiosity. French Side Travel will show you France as you have never seen it before and accompany you on new, unknown or forgotten paths through the multifaceted and unique French regions.

5 Responsible Travel
Consume locally and favor visits the surrounding areas:
We promote local consumption and an environment-friendly attitude in order to reduce the ecological footprint. As we focus on authentic encounters with locals, we help support the local economies and preserve culture and traditions of France.

So don’t wait any longer and plan your personalized travel itinerary around France, Corsica or the French Caribbean. Contact our travel experts now to live handcrafted travel experiences all around France!