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Discover the South tip of Brittany

7 days and 6 nights

  • Keywords : Morbihan, Bretagne, Sea, FIshing
  • Duration : 7 Days
  • Valid days : 7 Days

Here, sea, land and sky merge in an enchanting show of nature. The Gulf of Morbihan is an inland sea dotted with numerous islands and islets. It is among the most beautiful bays in the world. Apart from nature hikes and a cultural visit of Vannes, city of Art and History, you will go on a fishing trip and visit an oyster farm – where you can enjoy the tasting of fresh fish and seafood. History enthusiasts will be fascinated by the vestiges of ancient Gaul: Impressive megaliths and standing stones will take you back to long forgone times!

Itinerary map

Itinerary map


Day 1: Vannes

Free Visit of Vannes

The picturesque port town of Vannes, “City of Art and History” is located on the south coast and serves as a starting point for excursions to the "small sea". It is a treasure trove for history and architecture lovers, and its jewels include the old medieval town, surrounded by ramparts, the Cathedral of Saint Peter, the baroque Chapel of Saint Yves, along with pretty Breton houses with exposed beams.

Night at Sylvie and Jean-Paul’s homestay

Included : room (without breakfast)

Day 2: Baden - Vannes

Sophro-Hike along the Morbihan Coastal Paths

Sophie, a trained relaxation therapist, invites you to discover the "sophro-hike", a combination of relaxation therapy techniques (breathing, muscle relaxation) and hiking. She will take you along the coastal paths of Baden-Baden Larmor, Auray and Bono.
Her motto: rediscovering yourself, taking the time to breathe, move your body and feel united with nature. Walking while meditating helps improve breathing, stimulates body relaxation and soothes body, mind and spirit.

A moment of well-being and discovery open to all!

Duration: about 2 hours - commentary in French - in groups of up to 14 people.

Night at Sylvie and Jean-Paul’s homestay

Included : guide , visit, room (without breakfast)

Day 3: Vannes

Free day in the Gulf of Morbihan

The Gulf of Morbihan, a 12,000-hectare expanse of stunningly beautiful wild landscapes, is linked to the ocean by a gully of only 1 km. Some suggestions: the coastal route hiking path leads you through nature reserves, the Pen en Toul Séné marshes, the little port of Bono with its old suspension bridge and the megalithic site of Locmariaquer. From Port-Blanc, located at the end of a tip extending into the Gulf of Morbihan, you can reach the islands of Artz and Moines, true little paradises of unspoilt nature.

Night at Sylvie and Jean-Paul’s homestay

Included : room (without breakfast)

Day 4: Étel - Auray - Vannes

"Sea fishing" Trip

Jean-Chris, fishing guide and pleasure boat captain, will take you for a half-day trip out to sea on his boat and introduce you to (or help you improve) the techniques of sea fishing. Cast your nets, and off we go to catch mackerel, pollack, bass, black sea bream, and others.

Beginners, experienced fishermen, families with children, all are welcome aboard!
This is a superb opportunity to enjoy the sea breeze and live like Breton fishermen. Enjoy this sea fishing trip to admire the beauty of the Brittany coast.

Whatever you catch is yours, and for cooking it, Jean-Chris will give you some delicious secret tips.
Bait, rods, reels, life jacket and small equipment provided. Suggested attire: wellington boots or waterproof shoes, sunglasses, hat, clothing to protect from spray (top and bottom), sunscreen.

Duration: about 4 hours 30 minutes - commentary in French and English - group of up to 15 people

Suggestion : Free afternoon at the Ria d’Etel in Auray

Lovers of silence and unspoiled nature can later follow the course of the Ria d’Etel by walking along the Nostang hiking trail (starting at rue du Moulin, south of the town).

A visit to the pretty town of Auray is not to be missed, with the main town and its old centre nestled in the hills, while the downstream portion of a valley flooded by the sea is home to the picturesque port of Saint-Goustan.
The town of Ploeren with its beautiful chateaus and mansions, is also worth a visit.

Night at Sylvie and Jean-Paul’s homestay

Included : guide , visit, room (without breakfast)

Day 5: Vannes

Suggestion: Free day in Carnac and the Quiberon peninsula

Visit of the megalithic site of Carnac organised by the National Monuments Centre: "In Morbihan, more than 550 megalithic sites have been identified. Dating from 7,000 years ago, the megalithic site of Carnac remains a centre of European prehistory. The megaliths (general term for several types of standing stones) of Carnac differ from others because their incredible alignment covering nearly four kilometres! With more than 3,000 menhirs erected between 5000 and 2000 B.C."

The Quiberon Peninsula: A walk in unspoilt nature "at the end of the world", accessible only by a narrow strip of land. This impressive peninsula is dominated by two contrasting landscapes. On your arrival, the horizon is all around, as far as you can see, and a large bay protected from the wind provides an inviting spot to relax. On the west coast, known as the wild coast, la Côte sauvage, however, the wind and the waves have left their indelible mark, with jagged cliffs and arches carved by the waves, and even in calm weather, the spectacle of the waves crashing onto the rocks is stunning. Only the Château Turpault has bravely resisted the attacks of wind and sea. Afterwards, you can continue along to the tip of Percho and pause at the tip of Beg-er-Goalennec to admire the magnificent panorama of the wide sea and Belle-île, one of the largest islands off the coast of Brittany.

The guided tour, lasting 1 hour and costing €6, is not included in the travel package and must be booked and paid for directly at the House of Megaliths.

Night at Sylvie and Jean-Paul’s homestay

Included : room (without breakfast)

Day 6: Sarzeau - Surzur - Vannes

Meeting with an oyster farmer of Morbihan, on the Rhuys peninsula

Breton by birth and coming from a family of oyster farmers, Marion invites you to visit her oyster farm on the foreshore, the stretch of coastline between the limits of the highest and lowest tides. After learning about the lives of oysters and how they are cultivated, you can of course finish your tour in style with by tasting some! Marion is also ready to give you little secret tips on how to appreciate oysters even more. Wellington boots, waterproof shoes, or old pumps are recommended for walking along the foreshore. A fun outing in good company - and a real treat!

Duration: around 90 minutes - commentary in French and English - group of up to 18 people.

Suggestion: free afternom at Rhuys peninsula

Later you could set off walking to the Rhuys peninsula, which shelters the Gulf of Morbihan on its eastern flank.
To visit: The Chateau of Suscino, residence of the Dukes of Brittany, built between the 13th and 15th century, the megalithic site with the imposing Kermaillard menhir, the bird sanctuary of Duer and the tip of the Arzon peninsula with the pretty harbour of Port Navalo.

Dinner with Local Host in Sarzeau

After your stroll, you can enjoy a meal with Sylvain in his home, around a convivial table.
He proposes a choice of dishes:
For starter: Carrot velouté with Comté cheese, velouté of celery and chestnuts, or velouté of pumpkin with coconut milk,
For the main course: carpaccio of St Jacques or fricassee of langoustine, or Breton Cake, or assorted regional cheeses
For dessert: salted butter caramel crepe, or oeuf au lait, or pumpkin cake. Your meal can be accompanied by beer or rosé, white or red wine.

Duration: about 2 hours, from 7 to 9 pm - languages spoken: French and English - Guests: 4 people

Night at Sylvie and Jean-Paul’s homestay

Included : guide , visit, drinks, dinner, room (without breakfast)

Day 7: Sarzeau - Vannes

Suggestion: Free visit of Vannes and the hinterland (Landes of Lanvaux)

For your last day in the beautiful town of Vannes, founded by the Romans after their victory over the Veneti in 56 BC, we suggest you take a stroll in the heart of the historic centre for a trip through time from the time of the town’s birth 2,000 years ago, through the Middle Ages and up to the present.

Some iconic landmarks include the wash place of the Garenne, under the theme "The wife of Vannes”, the ramparts, the Saint Pierre Cathedral, Porte Saint Vincent and the harbour.

To the north, you can explore the hinterland that extends up to the Landes of Lanvaux, the lungs of the Vannes area, and crossed by many rivers. Other than walks along the footpaths, you can enjoy the discovery of megaliths discovered, manors, castles, chapels, fountains and the Breton Calvary.

Night at Sylvie and Jean-Paul’s homestay

Included : room (without breakfast)

Night at Sylvie and Jean-Paul’s homestay - Vannes

Level : Guesthouse

Stay at the home of Sylvie and Jean-Paul - Vannes In a charming small house to the southwest of the city, close to the centre and the port of Vanneet, and a ten-minute walk from the coastal paths of the Gulf of Morbihan, Sylvie provides a comfortable, spacious 30 square metre room for two people, with a 160 cm wide double bed, a bathroom, toilets and an adjoining TV lounge. At your disposal and included in the price: parking, terrace and garden, WIFI, towels and bedding. Sylvie also offers tours for €10 per person and the possibility of taking meals at home, upon reservation. No smoking or pets are allowed. Sylvie and Jean-Paul welcome you in a friendly atmosphere. The tourist tax (€0.75 per day per person) and breakfast (€5 per day per person) are to be paid following arrival. Services arising from Sharing Economy

Base 1 people : price from 777.00 EUROS
Base 2 persons : price from 531.00 EUROS
Base 3 persons : price from 449.00 EUROS
Base 4 persons : price from 435.00 EUROS