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Discovery tour in Marseille

5 days and 4 nights

  • Keywords : City tours , France, Bouches du rhône
  • Duration : 5 Days
  • Valid days : 7 Days

Itinerary map

Itinerary map


Day 1: Marseille l'Estaque

Explore the local neighborhood with your host Michele

On your first day, Michele will take you down to the nearby l’Estaque and explain the wonderful history of one of the prettiest parts of Marseille. This area has provided inspiration to many painters such as Cezanne and Braque. She will share her local knowledge and give you her tips on getting around to ensure you make the most of your stay in Marseille.

Duration: 1 h.

Night at Michele's homestay

Included : guide , visit, bedroom and breakfast

Day 2: Marseille - Marseille Noailles - Marseille l'Estaque

Walking round trip throughout Estaque

Enjoy a long round trip throughout Estaque in company of Gérard, Vincent and Agnès. Discover the industrial past (tileries, ciment factories and chemical industries), its cultural heritage (e.g. Cézanne,Braque and Duffy) and its forerunner’s-role in underwater archeologie (Captain Cousteau).

Time : 2 hours 30 - Difficulties : no
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Stroll across Belsunce and Noailles

Stroll across Belsunce and Noailles, and discover these popular neighbourhoods in the center of Marseille with the help of our guides. They all have a personal history with immigration either because they recently arrived here or by the past of their families who settled here before.

Time : 2 hours - Difficulties : no
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Dinner at Sabrina's homestay

Sabrina will prepare a gastronomic delight which showcases the best local produce of the area but also takes into account your personal tastes. She will prepare a wine tasting to accompany the meal and give you a true taste of the mediterranean.

She will also share her secret on the best olive oil, wine and cheese producers in the region !

Services arising from Sharing Economy.

Night at Michele's homestay

Included : guide , visit, drinks, dinner, bedroom and breakfast

Day 3: Marseille - Marseille Vieux-Port - Marseille l'Estaque

A day in Marseille

An original formula to discover the city of Marseille through its typical dishes and products Bourride, Soupe au Pistou, Aïoli, Anchoïade, Poutargue, Canneloni à la Brousse du Rove, Alouettes sans tête, Panisses, Le chichi-frégi, Tapenade, Bouillabaisse, We will prepare and taste many Marseillan specialities made with fresh products coming from Provence.

You will discover our culinary skills in the family kitchen situated in the center, Rue Saint-Jacques. We will explain how to choose and select fish and other ingredients necessary to realise all the dishes from the beginning till the end.

After effort comes comfort ! Now we will savour our preparations accompanied by a glass of white wine of Cassis or a Rosé Côtes de Provence and have a good talk about Marseille and the Provence.

We will meet in front of the Tourist Office of Marseille at 9h30. Our little walk will start with a visit to the fishermen on the Vieux Port and see their catch of the day.
Once we have selected our fish and meat we’ll go to the popular CapucinMarket, a little further on the Canebière, to buy our vegetables and herbs.

Before joining our apartment, we’ll make a quick visit to our wine merchant. We now can start our workshop in our large green patio. Tables will be dressed according to the book and we’ll enjoy our self-made dishes on the terrace or inside in case of bad wheather. We will share a pleasant moment together.
By 3 or 4 o’clock, I will bring you back to the city center just a few minutes away.

Please note that time spent by walking never exceeds 60 minutes. Groups composed out of 2 to 8 persons.

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Guided visit of the MuCEM and Fort Saint-Jean

Benedict will share a unique insight into the architectural history of Marseille, from its Greek foundations to its modern day buildings. She will guide you through the recently restored Fort Saint-Jean where you can take in the impressive views of the city, as well as the aromatic gardens. Then, from one of the oldest buildings to one of the most contemporary, Benedict will take you over the connecting bridge to the MuCEM designed by Ruddy Ricciotti.

Duration: around 2h hours – commentaries in french and english – in groups up to 7 participants.

Night at Michele's homestay

Included : guide , visit, bedroom and breakfast

Day 4: Marseille - Marseille l'Estaque

Guided hiking tour between earth and water

A tour designed by and with residents to discover Marseille differently - This stroll invites you to discover the districts of «la Jolliete» and the «Panier», the oldest part of Marseille. Through an original way and moving personal testimonies, your guide will explain the development of the city from the19th century till today as well as the processs of arrival of the immigrants.

Time : 2 hours 30 - Group of maximum 20 person
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Gourmet Lunch at Michèle’s

Michèle is happy to welcome you and your guide in her beautiful house surrounded by a large authentic Provencal garden with outdoor pool. Enjoy the convivial and relaxed atmosphere. On the menu: a bouillabaisse, a traditional Provencal fish stew originating from the port city of Marseille, which your cook Solange will prepare for you with savoir-faire and love. The meal will be accompanied by a fine regional wine.

Duration: around 2 hours.

Night at Michele's homestay

Included : guide , visit, bedroom and breakfast

Day 5:

End of the trip

Night at Michele's homestay - Marseille l'Estaque

Level : Guesthouse

Stay in a beautiful villa overlooking the Bay of Marseille in the historic l’Estaque quarter of Marseille. The guest suite has sea views and sleeps two to four people (one double room and one small room). There is a private bathroom, but the toilet is separate and shared with your host. You will have access to the spacious living rooms and swimming pool which all have fantastic views of the sea, and be made to feel like a family friend. A continental breakfast is provided including homemade jam and local honey. The villa is a 15 minutes drive from the TGV station and Marseille airport, and 10 minutes from Saint Charles train station. There is a regular boat service which takes you from l’Estaque Port to the Vieux Port in 10 minutes. Bed linen, towels, wifi and private parking included. A tourist tax of 0,90€ per day and per person is to be paid on-site. Services arising from Sharing Economy.

Base 2 persons : price from 933.00 EUROS