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Gourmet Tour in Provence

7 days and 6 nights

  • Keywords : Gourmet Tour, Provence
  • Duration : 7 Days
  • Valid days : 7 Days

Aix-en-Provence is an historic elegant city in the south of France, famous for its fountains, Roman heritage and beautiful 17th century buildings. Visit the daily markets for the finest local produce including honey, cheese, fruit, vegetables and flowers. You can walk through the cobbled streets following in the footsteps of Cezanne and visit the mountain which inspired so many of his paintings, Mount Saint-Victoire.

Itinerary map

Itinerary map


Day 1: Aix-en-Provence - Calas

Night in Monica's guesthouse
Included : bedroom and breakfast

Day 2: Aix-en-Provence - Calas

Visit of aix en Provence : secrets revealed

Mylène and Arthur, are approved guide-lecturer that will make you visit Aix-en-Provence. Along the streets, fountains and shady squares, they offer you to discover the wealth of the city : the Cathedral, the site of the City Hall, the Halle aux Grains, the mansions and the Cours Mirabeau neighborhood Mazarin, Place de la Rotonde, the Saint John of Malta, etc. Discover also the sights of Aix-en-Provence : the hidden roman and medieval remains, prying balconies, enigmatic bars etc.

Duration : 2 hours – commentaries in french and english – in groups up to 10 participants.

Night in Monica's guesthouse
Included : local guide , visit, bedroom and breakfast

Day 3: Aix-en-Provence - Calas

Night in Monica's guesthouse
Included : local guide , drinks, visit, bedroom and breakfast

Day 4: Meyrargues - Calas

Excursion into the History of the Famous Marseille Soap and Creation of your Own Soap

Jacky, master of Marseille soap, will introduce you to the production methods of the famous “Savon de Marseille” and give you a brief insight into the soap’s fascinating history, renowned for its pure and natural ingredients.

After the historical overview, Jacky will tell you about the environmentally-friendly production methods and show you how to analyze the ingredients of a cosmetic product.

Then it will be your turn! From a large variety of essential oils, vegetable butters, natural peeling sand additives (milk, honey...), Jacky will help you create your own natural soap.

Among a selection of 15 ocher tones and oxides of Provence, you can even choose color and shape of your soap.

Your soap will take 24 hours to set. Did you enjoy this activity? In this case, you may want to come back to remove your soap from its mold and cut it into bars –and take an assortment of 15 samples back home!

Otherwise, Jacky will be more than happy to give you a ready-made Savon de Marseille as a souvenir.

Duration : around 2h30 – commentaries in English, French and Spanish – in groups up to 20 people.

Night in Monica's guesthouse
Included : local guide , visit, bedroom and breakfast

Day 5: Aix-en-Provence - Calas

Visit of a Long-Established Confectionary-Site followed by Lunch

The long-established family-run confectionary-site, in the outskirts of Aix, keeps its recipes within the family. Renowned for their Provencal “Calissons’, a sweet made of almonds, they also produce candied fruit, nougat and chocolates.

Since 1874, the family produces high quality products based ontraditional recipes and premium ingredients.

Renée will be happy to guide you along her workshops. You will be delighted by the colorful and savory presentation of the famous “Calisson d’Aix” and plenty of other pastries and sweets.

Your visit will be rounded off by a three-course-lunch, prepared by in-house chef Denis Romagne.

Depending on your wishes and the time of the year, lunch will be served either in the patio, the garden or the dining hall.

Duration : around 2.30 – commentaries in English and French – in groups up to 15 people.

Night in Monica's guesthouse
Included : local guide , lunch, visit, bedroom and breakfast

Day 6: Beaureceuil - Calas

Nature Walk near Mount Saint-Victoire

Stéphane, our passionate nature guide, will take you on an easy trailalong the Mount Saint-Victoireand draw your attention tothe region’s rich fauna, caressed by nature and climate.

This is a diverting interactive workshop (suitable for children from six years onwards) teachingyou how to identify and recognize different plant species, among them, crop and medicinal plants. Stéphane will also show you how to determine the age of trees.

At the end of the trip you will be given a small guide witha list of over 80 species that might be useful for your future trips.

Duration: around 3h – commentaries in English and French–in groups up to 15 people

Night in Monica's guesthouse
Included : local guide , visit, bedroom and breakfast

Day 7: Aix-en-Provence

Discover the Secrets of Olive Oil Production and Tasting

Fabienne is a professional olive oil tasterand has spent the past twenty years exploring olive oil domains in France and other countries.

The born-and-bred Marseillaise is especially interested in the local olive oil production.
In the style of an enologist, Fabienne will accompany you through the Provencal olive groves and let you in on the secrets of the manufacturing and tasting of olive oil.

In her workshop you will learn everything you always wanted to know, from the olive on the tree to the oil on the table, including:

- the Provencal picking technics
- a visit of the olive mill (in operation only six weeks per year)
- an introduction to the art of tasting

On November, 25th (Saint-Catherine’s day), the harvesting begins in the Mediterranean regions. The season lasts around 6 weeks and is a very intense period. You are invited to participate in all stages of the process (picking, production and tasting).

Duration: around 3h –commentaries in English, French and Spanish- in groups up to 10 people.

Included : local guide , drinks, visit

Night in Monica's gueshouseCalas

Level : Guesthouse
Included : bedroom and breakfast

Rates per person in double room

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