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From the Rhône Valley to the Pyrenees, from the Petite Camargue to the Cevennes, and along the Mediterranean Coast, the attractive Languedoc Region offers manifold ways to spend your holidays. As far as the eye can see, pretty and peaceful villages are perched in the hill land. Nature enthusiasts will take pleasure in hiking through the overwhelming hilly landscape of the Cevennes via the impressive Gorges du Tarn, also a unique climbing site. Adventure lovers will grab a canoe or a kayak and rush down the white waters of Tarn and Aude. The coastal hinterland is abundant with cultural treasures. The fossil remains of the “Tautavel Man” are conserved in the Arago cave. The region thrived in Roman times, the Pont du Gard and the Arena of Nîmes are masterpieces of Roman architecture. Beautiful historic towns are Béziers with its beautiful old bridge, Narbonne, the first Roman colony outside Italy, or Perpignan with its magnificent historical center. If you want to travel back to the Middle Ages, take a trip to the Pays Cathare. Disillusioned with the corruption of the medieval Church, many inhabitants of the Languedoc adopted Catharism and settled in the mountain region of Corbières choosing the Cité of Carcassonne as their stronghold. Today, the vestiges of their castles and fortresses stand out amidst the lush Corbières vineyards. After soaking up so many wonderful impressions you may want to indulge in a relaxing beach day!