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Seen from the sky, the islands of Guadeloupe look like a huge butterfly surrounded by 6 fireflies, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Guadeloupe, the biggest island in the archipelago, is divided in two by a sound, the salty river. The west of the island, known as "Basse-Terre," is the green paradise where adventurers can explore 42,000 acres of tropical forest. On the other side, "Grande-Terre" is the real center of living in the archipelago. A tour of Pointe-à-Pitre is a must, to admire the typical island architecture. As if by magic, the gentle trade winds, mixed with the subtle scent of spices, will lead you to this green paradise. A land of conservation, the archipelago is home to 4 nature reserves, and as you walk along the 300 km of hiking trails, you will see waterfalls, rivers, and tropical flowers all hidden in a lush forest, dominated by the Soufrière volcano. Part of the beauty of these islands is the richness of the Creole culture: colorful traditional folklore, passionate farandoles in the carnival, spicy Caribbean cuisine, and a mixture of musical styles. This archipelago is pure pleasure for all the senses. When you have had your fill of the incredible colors, enjoy laying on the huge white sandy beaches by transparent waters. The Guadeloupe islands are well-known sites for water sports enthusiasts. At the helm of a yacht, you will discover the magical, secret landscapes of the archipelago.