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The small island has a real sense of its tradition and is proud of its cultural identity. Like a mountain in the waters, the island is plummeting into the Mediterranean Sea, and enchants its visitors with its continuously changing varied landscapes: evergreen shrubs merge into a rocky desert, dense undergrowth into terraced olive groves, lush hilly woodlands into the eternal snow of the high mountain peaks; in between, wonderful golden sand beaches and hidden creeks; harmonious river valleys, natural pools, wild gorges and meandering streams; steep abrupt rock formations lead to quaint sleepy villages and picturesque old port cities – and always the ocean, as far as the eye can see! The mild Mediterranean climate attracts visitors all year round for every type of holiday. The Corsican gastronomy is a true delight! The authentic products and ingredients owe their quality to the untouched nature and the usually traditional agricultural practices. In most of the restaurants you will be served fresh earth ground home-cooked dishes. Bastia is situated on the Tuscan coast. With its authentic Mediterranean charm it is one of the most remarkable Corsican cities. Worth seeing are the old port, the old town and the citadel. Take a stroll through the picturesque streets along the high elegant townhouses characterizing the cityscape.