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Brittany is situated in the extreme west of France facing the infinite vastness of the Atlantic Ocean. The spectacular variety of the Breton landscape is an ever changing natural wonder full of surprises, and until today spared by mass tourism. Storm-tossed coasts drop steeply into the sea, foaming sea spray and rough Atlantic winds have marked the proud and independent character of the Bretons who have preserved their autonomous culture, and look back to a fascinating history. Among the many vestiges are the Medieval fortress Ville Close at the port of Concarneau from the 10th century, the romantic flair of the half-timbered houses in Quimper, or the pretty port town of Vannes (city of Art and History) surrounded by Medieval ramparts. The south-east is known for its impressive megalith sites. Drive along the red colored steep face of Cape Fréhel and the pink granite coast up to the rocky cape of Pointe du Raz or to the peninsula of Crozon (in Breton called “the end of the world”). In the Morbihan region, sea, land and sky merge in an enchanting show of nature, its gulf is one of most beautiful bays worldwide. By boat you can reach numerous untouched small islands and islets. Brittany is also the land of trolls, fairies and nymphs, in the mythical forest of Brocéliande (the actual Forest of Paimpont) you may find the alleged tomb of Merlin…. The Bretons enjoy concerts and festivals, don’t miss the occasion of joining in!