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3 - Our Promise

  1. We provide AUTHENTICITY through shared experiences with the local people.
  2. Before, during and after your trip you can rely on the expertise of specialists who are familiar with your destination.
  3. You can travel in peace of mind and TRUST our know-how.


The good reasons for trusting us:

  • Share the authenticity of the lived experience
  • Enjoy an original and enrichening tourist experience
  • Do, act, live and share rather than simply “sightsee”
  • Leave space for pleasant surprise, amazement and emotion
  • Be open for encounters with the local people
  • Travel in peace of mind
  • Take your time to savor every single moment
  • Limit yourself to a few but well-chosen quality experiences
  • Consume locally and favor visits in the surroundings
  • Reduce the environmental footprint
  • Take full advantage of a highly professional team
  • Benefit from the guarantees and services of a registered French tour operator
  • Rely on the local expert before and during your trip